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Yoast SEO Free Vs Premium (Detailed Comparison)

Yoast SEO, the most common name you have heard if you work into Blogging and Digital Marketing industry. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, is one of the most important aspect in blogging and digital marketing. Yoast SEO originally named as WordPress SEO. This WordPress SEO plugin developed in 2010 by Joost de Valk while he was working as an SEO consultant. The plugin was renamed in 2012 along with its first-ever premium version launched the same year. In 2010 finally, Joost de Valk founded a company entitled Yoast BV. Initially, Yoast SEO focused on SEO consultancy and also developed Google Analytics For WordPress Plugin. Later on, Google Analytics For WordPress Plugin was sold in 2016. Furthermore, Yoast BV employees around 100+ talented people in their headquarter in Wijchen, Netherlands. Today, Yoast SEO has an active installation on over 90 Million sites and downloaded over 135 million times which makes almost 11.4% of the world’s websites. Recently it was rated 5 out of 5 by Syed Moiz Balkhi, founder of WPBeginner above all of the SEO plugins. This Might Also Interest You: Google Algorithm Update 2020: The Core Update

Yoast SEO – Free Version

Yoast SEO
As it suggests SEO for everyone, likewise the free version does exactly the same. A hiring SEO consultant is not affordable due to high charges hence this plugin can be beneficial for many blogger and digital marketers. Learning SEO could be difficult and time taking, as SEO skills require to continue practice and application of new strategies. This WordPress plugin does exactly the same as an SEO consultant. Certainly, Yoast SEO provides you SEO setting for all types and niche website whether it’s food, review, news and etc, you get it all. While most of the WordPress SEO plugin focuses just on SEO setting Yoast SEO do focuses on readability analysis too. The readability analysis plays a major role in SEO, as the content is the king. If the content is not good and readers won’t be able to understand what has been written therefore, SEO settings are of no use. Even Google Search engine promotes readability optimization, most people just focus on SEO. It helps Google analyze and rank the most relevant content on the top. Following are the features offered by Yoast SEO Free Version, which can be downloaded directly through the WordPress Plugin directory.
  • Tittle configuration – Title Length, Keyword positioning recommendation
  • Meta Description guidance for search engine snippet
  • One Keyword Analysis – Keyword Density & also Keyword Placement
  • XML Sitemap
  • Full control your site’s breadcrumb
Therefore, these are a few features offered by Yoast SEO. You can download Free Version by clicking the button below.

Yoast SEO – Premium Version

Yoast SEO
Value for money, in contrast, this sentence make justice with Yoast SEO as this is exactly what is offered by Yoast. Good things take some money, just like this premium plugin. It offers mostly the same features as of free version but there is always the cherry on the cake which make it unique and is offered by premium version. Some of the premium feature’s offered by Yoast SEO premium are;
  • All Features of free version
  • Interlinking suggestion by analyzing your content
  • Redirection Module to keep links free from breaking
  • Social Preview for Facebook & Twitter
  • Multiple Focus Keywords (Cherry on The Top Feature)
  • 1-year updates and support
Let’s discuss feature for a bit, the interlinking feature saves a ton of time by suggesting you most suitable content to be linked in a post. It analyses your entire content and hence suggests you a list of the article which can really help readers add some value. It will not only bring a few more views but also provide value to the reader which they are looking for. Similarly, finding broken pages and redirecting it to other pages manually is cumbersome can take up days sorting out. Yoast SEO Premium does this difficult task easy for you just by analyzing your site and notifying you about the broken link that needs to be fixed and even more providing option right on-page you are. After that, it provided with two option firstly redirect broken link to another page or second serve it as 404 not found page. The first option certainly work better for most of the sites as it won’t let the reader waste resources and provide with some relatable content. The most important feature and our cherry on the top, Multiple keywords. Optimizing multiple keywords help you to rank better for multiple keywords at once with the efforts of one. It’s easy to set up and seems like the beauty of this Yoast SEO WordPress plugin. Did you just feel amazed with features offered by Yoast SEO? but still would like to know more about what present users think of it? Do check out Yoast SEO premium review by A Perfect Review in of their article Complete Review Of Yoast SEO. Great, finally if you have decided to buy Yoast SEO Premium click button below to get it at a discounted price.

Yoast SEO Free Vs Premium Version

We know, the comparison is incomplete without a side by side in table comparison. Let’s have a look over all of these features.
Sr No. Features Free Version Premium Version
1 Tittle configuration ✔️ ✔️
2 Meta Description Configuration ✔️ ✔️
3 Keywords Analysis ✔️ ✔️
4 XML Sitemap ✔️ ✔️
5 Breadcrumbs Settings ✔️ ✔️
6 Interlinking Suggestion ✔️
7 Redirection Module ✔️
8 Social Preview ✔️
9 Content Insights ✔️
10 Updates 1- Year Free Updates
11 Support 1- Year Free Support

The Conclusion

To be very honest, I personally used Yoast SEO free version for almost 2-3 years but when I have written a guest article on some blogger’s site with Yoast SEO Premium, as a result, I realized it really saved my time and helped me write an article like no one else has done before. These features are real value for money and I highly recommend you should give it a try for at least once and experience the power of this beautifully crafted WordPress SEO plugin. I hope, you found this article valuable, do consider it sharing. It really feels good to be appreciated by our readers.
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