Wordle answer for March 20: SKULL Hints: 5-letter word, related to anatomy, commonly associated with Halloween, can be found in some pirate flags, symbolic of death. #wordle #wordlegame

For those struggling with today’s Wordle puzzle, the answer is “glove”. The game provides hints for players, including that the answer starts with the letter G, consists of two vowels that aren’t consecutive, and is something that might be worn in the winter. To aid in solving tomorrow’s Wordle puzzle, players are advised to start with common vowels and avoid double-lettered words as the aim is to figure out which vowels are present in the mystery word before slowly layering in common consonants. However, Wordle is not the only game of its kind, and the article highlights other games that might pique the interests of Wordle enthusiasts.

Vaibhav Kulkarni
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