Why Instagram App Is Not Working? Instagram Down

Instagram Down?

Instagram is the life of pictures that people breathe. What happens when one day suddenly in your fine working schedule, you are locked away from social media? According to psychology, social media like Instagram and Whatsapp act like certain drugs. People crave for the online presence more than the physical world. Nonetheless, superstitious humans assume that the unavailability of network and servers implies an apocalypse in the near future. Ever wondered why your Instagram is suddenly not working.

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After the accounts are hacked, the masses get into a state of panic. This seems the pretty convincible reason for Instagram being down.

Why Instagram App is not working?

High traffic-

Whenever there is a crowd assembling at a particular website, the server is overloaded. It thus slows down to ensure proper services to each user on the website. When the results are published online, it causes floods of requests access. Most of the students are engaged with the website and create an obstruction in the form of traffic. Similarly, Instagram faces a lot of traffic at peculiar timings of the day. These timings are vulnerable to shutting down or slowing down the App frequently.

Connectivity Issues-

Sometimes the server works fine but not the device connected to the service. The user end causes this unknown fault. This results crashing of the application even if the server is working fine.

Leap Second-

Leap second is the forced 1 second to bridge the time gap between the standard timings and the variable timing caused due to the slowdown of the earth’s rotation. This causes a massive issue in this digitalized world where timing is the key element between network transactions.

Hacked accounts-

Many a time, your account can be actually hacked which prevents you from accessing. This type of attack is called a Denial of Service (DoS). This is particularly described as the authenticated user is prevented from accessing its own application.

Where the issue occurs when your Instagram is down?

  1. The newsfeed isn’t loading after frequent refreshing.
  2. Websites linked to Instagram take too long to open.
  3. Logging-in into the account.
  4. Invisibled stories of others to you.
  5. Inbox access issues.
  6. Post update issues.
  7. Unable to save any media clicked on Instagram such as photos, videos, and boomerangs.

How To Make Instagram Work Again

Following are the ways to make Instagram working again:

Clearing cache and uninstall- reinstall:

Always make sure your cached data is made free. It piles up a lot of junk which can slow down your device’s processes.

A version that is the latest.

The latest version makes sure that all the features provided are working smoothly. Moreover, it has an extra added layer of security.

Check the known issues and search for dependable websites.

Instagram help centre provides you with the needful help. You must address your issue as enlisted by them. This can make your search for viable answers. If you’re pretty sure that your server is down, then you can search it online. Make sure you always search from trusted websites. Meanwhile, if you’re still not using Instagram, you can get it here for Android and here for IOS!

Being your daily dose of social media, Instagram has made your life full of pictures and pretty moments! So, let me know how much does Instagram matter in your life in the comment section below

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