Natural Language Processing

What is Natural Language Processing? NLP

Artificial intelligence and computer science have made things more at ease however nowadays, NLP is the talk of the town. Many of us aren’t aware of the fact and have questions popping up in mind “What is Natural Language Processing? {NLP} Well, we assure you at the right place. There let’s get started.

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What is Natural Language Processing?


What is Natural Language Processing


Natural Language Processing (NLP) is concerned more with artificial intelligence. NLP is the striking ability to build machines that responds to text or voice messages on their own, just the way humans do. Computers or machines understand the text or message through the processor and respond to it. NLP comprises computational languages that have machine learning, deep learning tools, and statistical modelling of human language. These techniques help computers to understand the message of humans, and sentiments and precisely respond with the best.

NLP enables computer programs to translate languages into preferred ones, respond to one’s commands, and summarize large texts into precise and sweet ones. Though you are looking at “What is Natural Language Processing?” You might have interacted with one- GPS systems. NLP also plays a good role in increasing employee efficiency, and productivity.

Though, we understood What is Natural Language Processing? Let’s dive deeper.

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Natural Language Processing Tasks

Human language has been obscured and it becomes difficult at a certain point to write software with commands that are intended for the message or text. There are idioms, phrases, synonyms, or sarcasm that takes years to understand however programmers must make then learn natural-driven language from the basic and start if that application might be necessary for the future.

Several applications break down human text or messages in such a way that makes computers easy to respond to. Some of them include.

Recognition of speech: Also known as speech to text, is the facility of converting voice data into text data This is required by any application that allows voice commands or answers to any questions. The challenging thing is the way people talk, speed, and tone or style.

Speech tagging: It is the ability to derive the part of speech in a particular sentence or word based on the use of context.

Word-sentence disambiguation: This is the selection of the meaning of the word with multiple meanings through a processor or software name semantic analysis that figures out the meaning of work that suits the context the best.

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Application of Natural Language Processing

Routine Tasks: Chatbots under NLP can do larger tasks that are done by humans today. For example: Motivating and challenging employers to work. It can also perform other tasks such as evaluating the performance of employers, analysing reports, and providing suggestive measures.

Search improvement: NLP can improve the keyword-matching search for any document or FAQ, Depending on the context. Effective NLP-powered academics can improve access to relevant cutting research for doctors, lawyers, or other specialists.

Analyzing larger documents: NLP techniques help to simplify the task of understanding contexts such as news articles, reports, or other documents.

Social Media Analytics: NLP can also analyze social media comments and post to process the information to an extent. Sentiment analysis can analyze whether the comment is positive or negative on any post to identify human sentiment in real time.

Insights of the market: With NLP, you will get a clear idea of the language of the customer thereby you will also know what precisely they need and how to communicate.

Moderate Content: If your business attracts a large number of viewers then NLP also helps to identify what is being said by people listing pages, stores, etc. through feedback or reviews.

Industries using Natural Language Processing

NLP helps companies to analyze data and thereby they tend to take the right decisions. Here are a few industries taking NLP as practical work-

HealthCare systems: Nowadays all medical records are stored on computers or storage devices. They have had huge data for years and therefore NLP helps them to have clear and deeper insights into health records.

Legal: For lawyers, to investigate and fight the case in 5he court they need to examine a larger number of files or documents while examining therefore NLP can summarize the content precisely and shortly to cut down the cost of time and energy spent.

Finance: The financial world is moving fast and thereby competitions are forever. Traders use NLP to atomize the information from the news, and blogs to take proper trading decisions.

Customer service: Many chatbots uses NLP to respond to basic customer queries quickly for a good user experience and to pass on complex questions to humans.

Nevertheless, we saw what is natural processing system along with its uses and tasks but how is the system understanding the commands?

Natural Language Processing Programming Languages

Python: The majority of projects in NLP are developed in Python. Its interactive developments make things easy for NLP to process.

Java or C++: For processing large documents or files often Java or C++ is used to support efficient code.

Natural Processing System is being used in almost every industry thereby Soon in the future everyone will adopt them due to several benefits and smooth functioning. With time there might be modifications happening. Until then Hope you understood “What is Natural Language Processing” and its need!

Thank you for reading.