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Do you want to start your online business and earn millions just by working from home? Yes, well then nothing is more easy and profitable then Dropshipping store or business. To understand drop shipping we need to understand how an online store works.

How Online Store Works

Selling online using our own store is one of the easiest and simple forms of trade. In the first place, customer visits your store and look for the desired product. Once chosen he simply checkout by paying for the product using payment gateway. The store owner receives an order immediately after payment is done. The payment can be done in two forms, Cash on delivery or through the online Payment gateway (Razorpay, Paypal). Once an order is received the store representative process, pack and make it read to be picked up by shipping partner such as; FedEx, India Post, Delhivery and etc. Once the product is pickup and shipped an AWB no. is generated which is used to track the status of shipment/product during shipping. As soon as shipment reach customer’s locality (City, Area) it is delivered directly to him/her and in case of cash on delivery, the money is collected by the delivery boy which later handed over to shipping partner and then will be credited into store’s account within a week. So now you understand how online store works let’s see what is dropshipping and how dropshipping works.

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What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is almost similar to the online store supply chain but the only difference is with the actual supplier of the products. In the online store the product is supplied/manufactured/retailed by the same person who owns the store/brand, but in dropshipping, a person outside of brand/store supplies the product with the branding as your product. In the normal online store there are two parties; Customer and You, whereas in dropshipping there are three parties, Customer, You and drop shipper. It is very simple and anyone with basic knowledge of business and digital marketing can start and dropshipping store right sitting at there home. To make it more clear let’s see how dropshipping works.

How Dropshipping Works?

In drop shipping around 80% process is similar to the normal online store, let’ see how it works. Initially, customer visits your online store, look for desired product and checkout with either cash on delivery or with online payment gateway. Once an order is placed you receive the order which you further push/pass to drop shipper to arrange product, pack and ship the product directly to the customer. Now it’s drop shipper’s work to pack, brand and hand over the product to the shipping company. Once the product is shipped it is delivered to customer and payment is collected in case of Cash On Delivery. If you are still confused let’s see how it works in terms of money.

Dropshipping in india

Now as you understand how dropshipping works, let’s see what are the benefits of drop shipping.

Benefit’s of Dropshipping

  • Work from comfort
  • Everything is online
  • No inventory cost needed
  • You can start with very low investment
  • You can sell globally
  • You don’t need to design, manufacture, or hold inventory
  • You pay when the customer pays you
  • If the product is faulty or defective it drops shipper’s responsibility to arrange a refund or replace for product
  • You can make large margin out of this business
  • Everything is tracked, and you can analyze it to get better returns

Top 5 Drop Shipper, You Should Start With

  • Oberlo – Find Products To Sell
  • GlowRoad – Work From Home & Earn Money Online App
  • Meesho – India’s No.1 Reselling App
  • Coorgle – Drop Shipper
  • BaapStore -Best DropShipping In India

I hope now you understand what is dropshipping and how dropshipping works. Do you want to start your own dropshipping store now? Contact our partnered and trusted team of developers to get your own dropshipping store ready to make money in Week. Contact Now

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