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What is .Dev domain? It’s Benefits And How To Register

What is ‘.dev’ domain?

Cybersafety has always been and still is a major concern of the virtual world. Therefore, the organizations that are well included to secure the internet platform have come up with a new domain. This is called as ‘.dev’.  It is maintained by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). It is used by a wide range of users, from software developers and programmers to anyone who wants to have a .dev domain for their business.

The .dev was accessed first by a few internal networks. So the proposed idea and accessing of this domain dates back to February 2019. However, Google acquired TLD (Top Level Domain) on March 1, 2019.  After this, the whole new secured structure came to play. While a few retired from TLD, few new ones emerged with outstanding features. The .dev domain is accessed by only those users who are connected with an HTTPS connection. This assures the encrypted transactions over the network to avoid packet sniffings.

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The in-depth technicalities of this domain are still new. Yet, it’s IDN status remains unknown. However, it confirms the security status by the ‘DNS SEC’. This is a feature that protects certain kinds of information as used on the IP protocol of the network layer. It makes sure that your personal details are safeguarded from the fraudulent websites and are link-proof. Provided with the first inbuilt HSTS (HTTPS Strict Transfer Protocol), the user or the developer whose website ends with a ‘.dev’ the domain will not be able to access it until a secure connection is established.

How to register the .dev domain?

  • Visit ‘‘. This will connect you to the official .dev webpage by Google.

.dev domain


  • Check if the name of the domain that you desire is available or not. (For example, here I choose, I am blogging to register as in

.dev domain

  • Once available, you can simply go ahead with any of the registered companies to discuss your plans and renewals with this domain. (For example, here I decided to go with Google Domains. Further, it shows me all possible payment and renewal options on navigations.)

.dev domain

  • You can make the majority of modifications at the next step. Make sure all the changes are made before the final payment. Along with that, it is a best practice to read all the terms and conditions well in advance!

.dev domain

.dev domain

Benefits of .dev domain:

What makes this domain unique is its cool features. What are they? let’s take a look.

  1. Privacy Protection.
  2. 2-step verification.
  3. E-mail forwarding.
  4. Throughout the day customer service.
  5. Free trials.
  6. Personal Data Privacy and secure space.
  7. ‘Whois’ lookup is another popular data access hacking tool that tells about the private details of the user or the team of users of a particular website. This feature of the tool gets blocked under the .dev domain.
  8. An extra layer of security using an SSL certification.

These features will indeed come at a small cost. But considering the in-house and also the original domain deals, it is worth to spend your investments, both in an aspect of money and time. The user has a choice to register from the range of 1-10 years in total. The customer chooses the desired additional services.

Once modified, the whole ‘.dev-domain’ can be put in the cart of one of these organizations and the user makes payment procedures. According to a process from a few registrars that provide .dev registrations, the price range for a .dev domain ranges from INR 850- 1074/year. Moreover, it costs USD 14.98/year in some parts. In addition, you can have an option to select from a wide range of currencies. The SSL certification, however, may or may not come for free.

Top .Dev Domain Registrar:

  1. GoDaddy
  2. Namecheap
  3. Google Domains
  5. Porkbun
  6. Hexonet
  8. MarkMonitor
  11. Domain registry
  12. Lexsynergy
  13. EnCirca

Also, the domain registrar will secure payment transactions and bank details. However, it is optional to keep some balance in the registrar so that the auto-renewal policy can be used. Most of the register keeps a policy of renewal within 30 days of the expiry of the website. The expiry may hamper any kind of interactivity and functionality of your site.

You can click on these links to register your domain right away and develop a community or a website for your business. In conclusion, it’s trending and it’s assuring safety! Looking forward buy one for yourself? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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