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Utah enforces social media rules: teens must have parental consent before accessing online platforms. #parentalpermission #socialmedia

Utah has passed two laws requiring parental permission for teens to create social media accounts and mandating features such as age verification, parental controls, and curfews. Companies including Meta, Snap, and TikTok must adhere to the legislation, due to come into effect in March. The measures also prohibit social media firms “from using a design or feature that causes a minor to have an addiction to the company’s social media platform.” While critics argue that the laws breach the First Amendment, issues relating to social media and young people have been under the spotlight this year. The Surgeon General has previously stated that 13 is too young for most people to join social media platforms, while lawmakers in Congress and other states have proposed legislation curbing teens’ social media use.

Vaibhav Kulkarni
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