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“Unreal Engine 5 will launch in early access, bringing advanced graphics & haptic feedback. New tools including MetaHuman Creator & Sound Field.”

Epic Games has announced new enhancements coming to Unreal Engine 5.2, MetaHuman technology, an update to Fortnite’s Unreal Editor tools, and a big push to unify its disparate assets marketplaces. One of the biggest additions to Unreal Engine 5.2 is new procedural generation tools that were demonstrated in a “Electric Dreams” demo showcasing a foliage-filled forest partially created with those tools. The first preview of Unreal Engine 5.2 will be available soon. MetaHuman technology was also demonstrated, which featured jaw-dropping animations captured with an iPhone. Set to debut this summer, the tool will allow for custom Fortnite maps and experiences. In fact, the company showcased some bright Fortnite characters in a gritty, non-Fortnite-y world. Epic also announced a major change to the way creators can make money from Fortnite, and promised that the pool of money for creators would include Epic itself. Finally, later this year Unreal Engine Marketplace, Quixel Bridge, ArtStation Marketplace, and Sketchfab will merge into Fab marketplace. An alpha plug-in for the Unreal Editor for Fortnite is already available.

Vaibhav Kulkarni
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