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Union says Apple fired workers for organizing. Retaliation alleged.

The Communications Workers of America union has accused Apple of firing five workers in Kansas City and disciplining another in Texas as a result of their attempts to organise. The allegations also include claims that Apple interrogated employees, incentivised those who did not support the union and threatened those who did with worse conditions. Apple management denies the accusations and argues that the Kansas City workers were dismissed for a timesheet typo and attendance issues, while the Texas employee was disciplined for being “rude” to customers. The union has filed charges of unfair labour practice with the National Labor Relations Board for both stores. Apple has previously been accused of violating workers’ unionisation rights in Atlanta and New York, and organisers in its first unionised US retail location in Towson Town Center have claimed the company withheld information they needed to bargain for the same benefits as non-unionised staff.

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