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Transfer your Slack archive to Discord with these easy steps. #Slack #Discord #ArchiveMove

If you’re using Slack and want to shift to Discord, you can easily migrate your archived Slack posts to Discord with the help of Slackord2, a third-party app. But to use it, you’ll have to first set up a Discord bot.

To create a Discord bot:

1. Go to “New Application” on Discord and name it whatever you want.
2. Click the “URL Generator” button under “OAuth2” on the left sidebar.
3. Under “Scope,” click “Bot” and then click “Administrator” in the “Bot permissions” field.
4. Scroll down and copy the “Generated URL” at the bottom of the screen.
5. Next, go to the “Bot” section in the sidebar and create a custom username and icon. Turn off “Public Bot” and “Requires OAuth2 Code Grant,” and turn on “Message content intent.” Click “Save.”
6. Scroll to the top of the page and click “Reset Token.” Copy the token.
7. Head to the URL you copied earlier and choose the Discord server you want to add the bot to.

To migrate your Slack archive to Discord:

1. Open Slackord2 and paste your bot token when prompted.
2. Click “File > Import JSON Folder” and open the folder for the channel you want to migrate.
3. Once parsing is complete, create a new text channel with the same name as the Slack channel on Discord.
4. Click “Settings > Bot Connection > Connect” on Slackord2 to connect.
5. Type “/slackord” in the Discord channel you want to import your channel’s archives to.

Repeat this process for every channel you want to migrate. Note that the messages will only appear as plaintext and without avatars, but it’s still a searchable archive of your old Slack posts. Once you’ve migrated your archive, let your friends know that it’s time to switch to Discord.

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