Logitech MX Mechanical Keyboard Gear

Top MacBook accessories ’23: keyboards, monitors & sleeves. Enhance your productivity, style & protection. Get the most out of your MacBook.

The article discusses the best accessories for MacBook users looking to enhance their experience. While MacBooks are capable of handling a wide range of activities, accessories such as laptop stands, charging adapters, external displays, and keyboards can streamline workflow and unlock the full potential of the device. The article features the best MacBook accessories tested by the writer, including charging adapters, portable battery packs, laptop cases and sleeves, hubs and docks, and more. The accessories recommended are diverse and cater to different MacBook models and user needs, such as slim and compact 65-watt chargers, dual-port USB-C power adapters, 26,800-mAh portable chargers, hardshell laptop cases with proper cutouts for ports and rubberized feet, leather sleeves with wool felt lining, USB hubs and docks with various ports, triple-display docking stations with up to 60 watts of output, and wireless chargers for iPhones. The article concludes by stating that the list of accessories is not exhaustive and encourages readers to check out other recommendations in the Best Work-From-Home Gear guide.

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