Top bargains on electronics and office accessories including TVs, headphones, and gear! Get them now for a great discounted price! #deals #electronics

Spring is the season of cleaning and updating, and Wired offers a list of tech deals to help with necessary upgrades. From TVs, soundbars, and home office gear to MacBook Airs, camera backpacks, and smartphones, there are discounts for everyone. The article highlights a Samsung TV that doubles as artwork for “smaller” living spaces, a discounted LG OLED TV with perfect black levels, a Samsung soundbar for more immersive viewing, an LG monitor for workspaces, and a Seagate external hard drive for data storage. Wired also offers a discount code for their favorite office chair, the Branch Ergonomic Chair, and highlights the Meta Quest 2 VR system for a more hands-on experience. For those looking for new headphones, the Beats Fit Pro is recommended for workouts, while the Sony earbuds are ideal for noise cancellation and water resistance. An alternative is Google’s Pixel Buds Pro, which have wireless charging and superior sound quality.

Vaibhav Kulkarni
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