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Top 8 Phones of 2023

The Sony Xperia 1 III is a high-end smartphone that comes with a hefty price tag, but the cost has since come down. It is the only phone with a 4K OLED 120-Hz screen, making it great for watching movies, and has front-facing stereo speakers and a headphone jack. The camera system is not the best, but it encourages users to tweak settings for more control over the results. The smartphone has all the features available in a high-end phone and includes wireless charging. However, 5G is limited to sub-6 5G, and the 4,500-mAh battery only lasts a day. The Xperia 1 IV is a new version with better features, but it costs an absurd $1,598 and only has a maximum of two years of software support.

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