Top 5 Self Improvement Apps For Students & Professionals

Self-improvement is something that does not have any specific period to learn, it is a process for life. Today we don’t have enough time to join classes, attend public speeches or etc. So the only thing we can learn and develop from is the Internet.

The internet is so big with lots of related content. If you have been carefully observed on Google Search you will find for one single query you will get millions of webpages, articles, videos and more. Hence searching for content and then learning it becomes a bit of time-consuming as well as tedious.

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To tackle this issue here we present a list of top 5 self-improvement apps for students, Professionals and Freelancers so that anyone can learn something new and improve his or her personality.

Top 5 Self Improvement Apps

Note: All these apps are based on personal and public opinion & experience. No application considered in the list under any promotion.

1. Duolingo – Learn Native & Foreign Languages

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Duolingo is a freemium application which is used to learn new languages either Native or foreign. The app consists of small courses and test at the end of each course so that you know how much you have understood. This app is one of the best self-improvement apps on Google Play Store as well as App Store (iPhones) & Windows Store. The app offers 81 languages courses across 37 languages with a massive user base of 300 million registered users. If you want to learn new languages then you should give this app a try.

2. Home Workout – No Equipment


Fitness app

Home Workout is the best application to guide you through workout & to track your daily progress. If you are a gym hater or don’t have enough time to attend heavy workout sessions then this self-improvement apps is just like heaven for you. This app is chosen as Google Play 2018 Best Self Improvement Apps. This app aims to provide best and easy exercises that you can do in just a few minutes and achieve a fit and fabulous body. Home Workout helps you in Fat burning workout, Strength training, warm-up stretching routine and more. If you are a fitness freak or want to lose some extra pounds must give this app a try.

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3. Self-Help Book Summaries


Self Help Book

Self Help Books Summaries is one of the best apps to get self-improvement & popular books into short readable summaries. We always wanted to read new books, learn something new but when we try to read it’s too long and boring, whereas in these app whole books are described in very short summaries. This app contains books from the various category such as; Self Improvement, Business, Finance and more. If you really wanted to see yourself indifferently I strongly recommend you to try this self-improvement apps.

4. Simple Habit Meditation – Self Improvement Apps


Simple Habit

Simple Habit Meditation is an Award-Winning Self Improvement apps. This app helps busy people in life to meditate to reduce stress, improve focus, sleep better, relax faster, calm their nerves, and breathe easier. It takes only 5 minutes a day to live a healthy and happy lifestyle. Simple Habit Meditation is freemium and it allows free users to access 50+ sessions out of total 1000 sessions. The whole meditation is guided by the world’s best teachers, monks and mindfulness experts. If you have some issues like Insomnia and anxiety then must try this self-improvement app.

5. Remente – Self Improvement Apps

Remente is personal development app help you to teach how to organize and be productive as well as how to achieve your goal. This app helps you with planning your day properly so that you don’t end up being stressed and full of anxiety. This app not only help you to plan your day, but it teaches you new skills & knowledge which you can adopt in your day-to-day life schedule to live a healthy, happy life with greater self-esteem, more self-worth and less stress and anxiety. If you have trouble in organizing your daily schedule give this app a try and you will start observing changes within a few days.

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