Secret Instagram Tricks

Top 5 Secret Instagram Tricks You Should Know

Are you curious to know Top 5 Secret Instagram Tricks? Yes, let’s have a look on Instagram’s stats and why you should know it first. Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Today Instagram is most active and highly visited platforms amongst all other platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and more. It is used by various people for various reasons such as; online presence, social media marketing, branding, influencing and entertainment. Being a platform which meets everyone’s demand make it even more amazing and popular.

Instagram originally founded by Kevin Systrom in 2010. Later Facebook purchased this photo-sharing platform for $1 billion in 2012. Just after Facebook purchase Instagram it becomes a booming success presently making one-fifth of Facebook annual revenue. Well knowing about such an incredible platform won’t stop here, if you want to use Instagram to its true extent you should be superuser who know all the secret Instagram tricks.  Let’s see Top 5 Secret Instagram Tricks You Should Know.

Top 5 Secret Instagram tricks

Instagram Tricks #1: Adding Special Font in Your Instagram Bio

Want to make your Instagram look different and attractive? Well, adding a special font in your Instagram bio will definitely help it gain some attention and new followers. Let’s see how to add a special font in your Instagram bio.

  • Open Chrome or any browser on your mobile device.
  • Visit LINGOJAM and type your desired text in the first text box

Secret Instagram Tricks

  • As soon as you start typing you will see the same text appearing in a different fonts
  • Now, scroll till the end and select and copy your desired font from the list
  • Open Instagram and paste the copied form into your bio to get the special font in your Instagram bio
  • Woohoo, you just learn one of the secret Instagram tricks

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Instagram Tricks #2: Look through pictures without liking them

Are you habitual to like post whenever you see it? well, it’s not just you, there are a lot of us who do the same thing. But here is a solution to your habitual problem, let’s see how to look through picture without liking them.

  • First of all, unlock your smartphone and open settings
  • Look for Airplane mode or flight mode
  • Simply turn it ON and now open Instagram or you simply drag notification bar to turn it ON

Secret Instagram Tricks

  • Look through all of photos and videos and then, simply press home and clear running apps
  • Wola, you just tried the second secret Instagram tricks

Instagram Trick #3: How to add Gradient text or Rainbow text in Instagram Story

Want to decorate your Instagram stories? You can do it with beautiful looking rainbow text or Gradient text. It’s easy to insert and extremely quick, just a few steps and it gives an all-new look to your Instagram stories.

    • Open Instagram
    • Tap on camera icon above your story
    • Now either take a picture or select type of story as “Creative”
    • Simply add text and select all text you want to insert gradient for
    • Now tap and hold on a colour pallet and move colour and selection area at the same time or as per your preference
    • Please check this video tutorial for better understanding

  • Yehe!,  You did it right, Now you know one of the most interesting secret Instagram Tricks

Instagram Trick #4: Search Instagram Account Without Account Login

  • Visit
  • Now in the browser after type username of the desired account
  • Such as;
  • Wola, you successfully found Instagram account without login into your Instagram account
  • Another Secret Instagram Tricks learned

Instagram Trick #5: Schedule post in advance

Are you someone who posts a lot on Instagram posts or stories? Well, I have a better idea for you. Now you can schedule month-long content in just a few minutes. How to let’s see:

  • Visit socialit
  • Sign Up and complete the verification process using email and sign In
  • Now, click on the “+” icon and choose the profile you want to post Instagram post or story (You need to add your Instagram account before this)
  • Write a caption and add Image/photo you want to publish
  • Check [] Schedule option and select a desired date and time.
  • Now, simply click on schedule and your post/story will be published on given time and date
  • This trick is one of the top 5 secret Instagram tricks
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