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Top 5 Money Making Apps to use in 2020

Top 5 Money Making Apps to use in 2020

Everyone wants to make money easily. Many people apart from corporate life enjoy a healthy part-time profession of making money. It can range from doing entrepreneurship to writing blogs- but people want an easier way out now. As a result, few innovators of today have come up with an idea of giving out money on doing simple tasks that we do on day-to-day life. Therefore, we have come up with the top 5 money-making apps to use in 2020 to fill up your pockets along with your job.

Google Opinion Rewards:

India, in general, is a country where people can’t stop giving their opinions. But as far as Google Opinion Rewards is concerned, one gets rewarded for giving out their opinions. With this IOS and Android-based application, you can earn as much as $5 depending on your performance. You can use these credits to buy other apps in from Playstore or can convert it into cash with PayPal. Get the app here!

Money making apps

Now don’t hesitate to give out your opinion, but mind it, on Google Opinion Rewards only!


Slidejoy gives you advertisements on the phone of your lock screen. If you feel like a particular advertisement is worth catching for your eye, then you can slide it to read more. For every slide or a set of slides you make, you earn in carats. Depending upon your lock-unlock capacity, you can earn up to 100 carats or more in a day. This is equivalent to $0.10. As soon as you complete 2000 carats, which involves nearly 10-20 days of lock screen interactivity, your reward is equivalent to $2. After $2, you can ask for a PayPal payout. Get the app here!

Slidejoy money making


Foap is a new app that allows you to upload the pictures and then get paid for the pictures. Unlike Shutterstock, you can take up missions from a particular organization and get paid. Also, just so that you know, you can keep earning a particular picture as much as it gets used. Keep clicking, you amateur photographer. Get the app here!

Foap Money app

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This is a type of app that can give if you complete a task, and takes it if you don’t complete it. In Pact, you have to decide a certain set of tasks for yourself. If you are able to prove yourself on the tasks you’ve set, bravo! If not, you’ve to put your own price as a penalty. Get the app here!

Pact app


Sweatcoin is another app that can keep you health-conscious depending upon the number of steps that you take. You can buy from the earned Sweatcoin all the products and services that can keep you motivated towards health and fitness. The general conversion goes like 1 SWC for 1000 steps taken. This app keeps a premium watch on your steps and soon it’s planning to convert into an accepted form of payment! Get the app here!


There are many such unique and dream apps that pay you out for having fun and passing time. For example, you get paid and rewarded for gaming, taking free trials, testing and reviewing the services that are available on their mission list. Bored? Want to play games? Then get paid as well! now I hope you understand how to make money online with top 5 money making apps.

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