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Top 5 Best URL Shortener Tools in 2023

You might be wondering, “What is a URL Shortener?

Well, URL shorteners help an individual shorten URLs and analyze their performance. They make URLs more readable and descriptive. There are many benefits to using URL Shorteners:

On Social media, long URLs look spammy therefore you can create a short and clean link without getting the spam tag which will be precise and up to the point.

Another advantage of URL Shortener is the performance of the link can be accessed so you get an idea about which parts of the content are working well.

Apps like Twitter or LinkedIn have a word limit of 280-600 wherein URL Shorteners can help you to play within the limit.

Best URL Shortener Tools in 2023





The best URL Shortener, has paid and free version wherein has a complete dashboard and allows one to mark the performance of the links, for example- Click rates, Number of people visited, geographical data, and other such information.

URL Shortener

Bitly can be used to shorten the links via social media wherein the application is connected with software management systems like Hubspot for example.


Free plan- allows you to create 1000 links in a month, It also includes link filtering, reporting, and social posting.

Basic plan- It charges a certain amount to create 1500 hyperlinks with one custom domain and one user seat.

Customize plan- If an individual wants to create more than 1500 links they can contact the sales team and get a customized plan.


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This is another free URL Shortener, that helps you to click, track and manage URLs in a snap. Just have to copy the long URL and paste it into the box to get shortened one.

Registered and paid users can edit the links but non-paid or registered don’t have the option of tracing and analyzing the links. Offering 100 features in the free version makes it remarking.

Tiny. cc


Basic- It charges 400 rupees and makes tons of links with custom domains that are accessed by users.

Business- Along with the basic plan it offers other features needed to increase the business charging 1980 rupees with an increase in the number of links

Enterprise- This is a customized plan with specific limits thereby for prizing shall contact them.




250,000 customers around the world uses this application , proving itself in top 5, apart, it is the best way to create short links.

Rebrandly mages all the technical information on behalf of an individual moreover helps you to select the right domain for your business.



Free- This allows you to create 500 brand links and 5 custom domains and track all of them.

Starter- It charges 2300 rupees as an annual payment with 6 domains, 4000 branded hyperlinks, and 24000 clicks per month.

Enterprise – This plan will allow you to make your customized plan.

Pretty Links

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Pretty Link is the most used word press plugin for link shrinking and affiliate management, However, this application is free.

The paid version of the application is useful for digital marketers and super affiliates as it advances features enriching the user experience.



Beginner- This plan costs 4766 for the entire year and provides features like- auto create pretty links and auto-link keywords.

Marketer- This one costs for 3-word press websites along with beginner features.



It is the best shortener and usually transforms spammy URLs into meaningful ones that engage the audience.

It offers an analyzed report allowing individuals to track clicks by date and time, geographical, device, language, and referrers.

This Link Shortener can integrate with Web analytics tools like Google and Adobe.



This application offers flexible links as per the need-

Free- this has 1000 life-lasting links and one custom domain. unlimited redirects, smart Links, and many more for free.

Premium-: With a free plan, it offers 50,000-lifetime links, 15 users, and limits fewer custom domains.

Gold- offers all the free and premium features, including 250,000 lifetime links, 25 users can access, and 500 fast and strong links.


Finding one that suits you will take hard work however upon needs one can choose the preferable application. Hope you fill it useful until then we will be back with another edition.

Thank you for reading!


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