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Top 5 B2B Platforms for Wholesalers

If you are looking to learn what B2B sales are and the Top B2B platforms then stick with the article, we are going to discuss business and B2B platforms to sell and market your designed products.

India is one of the countries with a large number of start-ups. The government has been encouraging startups and entrepreneurs. One of the finest examples is the “Made in India” initiative. With a rise in population, there has been a huge demand for goods and services. To make sure your products are delivered to customers at reasonable rates, Online marketplaces and platforms have been developed to serve the purpose.

You can easily get connected with the targeted audience for their needs and your aims. Not only customers but also vendors and other suppliers. All it takes is the click of a second.

What is B2B?

B2B sales refer to the category wherein the selling or exchange of goods and services, takes place between two business parties. B2B takes place in the supply chain wherein one company buys raw materials from other for the manufacturing process. For example- A company manufactures automotive parts like brake pads or mirrors and supplies to the manufacturing company that produces cars and bikes.



B2C is where a company produces and sells, goods and services to customers, unlike B2B. Here manufacturing directly targets the audience therefore the prices of goods and services are likely too be high. B2C makes an emotional appeal for marketing products and goods. One of the finest examples is- restaurants and retail stores.


Why B2B platforms?

Every business needs potential customers to uplift themselves. B2B helps businesses to connect with their customers{ other businesses} easily. In B2B platforms, buyers are usually business who buys in bulk quantities .B2B platforms gives marketplace to businesses to buy and sell in larger quantities making sufficient profits for everyone.

Lets look at best B2B platforms-

Top 5 B2B Platforms in India

Amazon India

Amazon Business Home Page

Amazon India provides the smartest and fastest way of doing B2B business. Not only they have huge customer base but also provides instant credibility. On this platform one can get a wide range of categories at wholesale price with GST invoice, greater savings, and expanding set of tools. Amazon Business makes buying process easier improving the efficiency of organization moreover through this app one can even elevate their organizations through innovations and improve the purchase of the firm with convenient pricing and the best shopping experience. One drawback is there is a lot of competition of similar products and doesn’t share consumer behavior or buying patterns.



Indiamart is the top leading amongst all e-commerce having 60% shares in B2B business. It has partnerships with popular firms like  Airtel, Hyundai and many others. Indiamart trades almost everything from building equipment to electronics and home furniture, they have good range of products. Recently  Indiamart got in news because they introduced their hashtag #BadaAsanHai which says making transaction on Indiamart is too easy catching the eye of several other. The platform has supportive and reliable buyers. Often many firms fails to respond queries however it is not the same with Indiamart they respond to queries immediately giving an enriching experience to users. There isn’t any such drawback but reports say the platform has no control over its verified customer.




Making business easy and convenient udaan brings manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers to one place . It’s prime feature is they have a chat option that gives access to real-time securing chat with the seller or buyer in the language of your choice which gives one on one experience. It enables a direct connection between buyers and sellers so they negotiate and agree with the terms before trading. It is the successful platform. One fun fact udaan provides 9000 tons of goods and products every day therefore known as one of the largest national distributor. There aren’t any such drawbacks of this B2B platform.

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BanoIndia is solely focused on the mission of VocalForLocal which enables manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers to increase market reach to customers who live in far-off Indian regions. This platform offers advanced technology to businesses so that they can grow. Platform also works towards economical problems, they have clear motive that is to uplift the nation by encouraging more entrepreneurs. Although B2B marketplaces exist in India they aren’t that known however the platform is highlighting the e-commerce class benefiting nation and individuals.


Meesho is one of the fastest growing reseller platform. It has record of serving entrepreneurs with the best. Catering 500 Million people it ranks amongst top 5, B2B platforms. The word Meesho originated from My E-Shop. Meesho is India’s first online distribution channel with high growth in less time. According to recent reports it is known that Meesho sells online at 0% commission and resellers sells products without any investment. This platform has wide variety of categories for everyone to sell and buy. Therefore meesho has been growing since last three years.

It might take time to identify the best suited B2B platforms but once you do it feels overwhelming, Until then keep experimenting, you shall find the best suited amongst all B2B platform . We hope the article was useful to all reading entrepreneurs.

Happy reading!


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