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Top 25 Websites For Students (Updated List)

Top 25 Websites For Students
Written by Rishika Desai

Top 25 Websites For Students (Updated List)

Why are you here? looking for Top 25 website for students Let’s see which are those. A  student, students are known for their budget-friendly activities and ability to think creatively. As a student the most popular thing which each and every individual do is Jugaad. As a part of life, a student is bound to think differently and keep finding helpful and sustainable resources. The resources can be in any form, either for learning, finance, health, etc.

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Some students are so versatile that they can work with their hobbies, assignments and even can make some money too. Such as Graphic designing, Web development and etc. Hence there is a need to provide a list of top 25 websites for students as a useful resource to such wonderful students.

Top 25 Website For Students

Note: This list of 25 useful websites for students is created with the pure intent of sharing useful resources with students. We do not promote any of the following websites in return for any charges, favors and etc. is a tool for graphic design and creation. It contains various tools like; Photos, elements, text, clipart, shapes, background and many more. This site can be very useful for the student’s project or side business. It contains various templates for Instagram, Facebook, resume, presentation, and much more. Visit the website by clicking here.


Google Docs

Google docs are a one-point solution for word and document preparation, it’s editing and other modifications on the go. Whenever you’re in a hurry and there’s no time to open the laptop, one can simply open Google Docs on his mobile and get going. One good feature that comes along while using the utilities provided by Google is that after every 30 seconds, all the changes you make are saved into the drive of your registered account. Visit the website by clicking here.


Google Forms

Collect all the public based statistics at one single page using Google Forms. Here at Google Forms, you can edit it as you like, make certain fields mandatory to be filled up and also collect various input files from people such as audio and images. In the end, you can close the form and then check out the comparative statistics that Google generates for you in the form of pie charts, bar graphs, etc. Visit the website by clicking here.


A one-stop place to earn certifications right from how to play guitar to writing extensive lines of code. Udemy certifications can be earned for free, or by paying a certain cost. However, for every certification, you don’t have to give examinations. But, Udemy is also an excellent opportunity to connect with worldwide famous mentors and also not to forget about the super sale prices which are extremely light to the pocket. Visit the website by clicking here.

Top 25 Website For Students

Facebook Jobs

The main aim of Facebook Jobs is to create a community of careerist people to work with each other and help in times. With this platform, one can post jobs on Facebook and let them know about an opening. This can help you to find a trustable employee and help in connecting with each other on a professional level. Visit the website by clicking here.

Top 25 Website For Students

Google Learn Digital

Like many other online learning platforms out there, Google also offers courses mainly from the technical or the business background. They have a limited number of courses that have to be taken up by the students and then they can unlock a certification from ‘Google’. But of course, you also have to do homework like a school going student. Just imagine! Visit the website by clicking here.

Top 25 Website For Students


Reddit is a rating and ranking platform where a person can share anything- be it his opinions, ideas, pictures, facts, a piece of information, etc. Whereas the other people can rate it, rank it and have discussions on it. This helps to share the ideas and keep the game of perspectives alive. Visit the website by clicking here.

Top 25 Website For Students

Google Slides

Create PowerPoint presentations on the go. Simply open the Google Slides app and begin working. It’s simple and more variant than the normal Microsoft Office versions. With the ‘Explore’ option, one can start exploring the most suitable layouts for a particular slide and for pictures to insert alongside the internet. This easy feature has reduced the excess work of downloading and uploading. Also, your slide can be sent to others in the form of PDF or PPT- your choice. Visit the website by clicking here.


Alison is yet another way of gaining certificates but what sets it different from other courses providing websites is that they offer you jobs related and student-related courses separately and one can search a course according to a specific job profile just to skip the unnecessary details. Visit the website by clicking here.



A very well known website among the students, this application doesn’t really need an introduction. Internshala so far has given numerous internships and also provides it in three phases, like work from home, full time and part-time. Apart from that, Internshala has always favored its famous student partner program which aims to gather more people on its platform to enjoy the benefits of an internship. Visit the website by clicking here.


The most powerful tool of the modern era, LinkedIn has brought together professionals from various backgrounds under a stage. It tells about the achievements of peer and moreover, major businesses and corporates can list out job openings on this website. Your records on LinkedIn are acceptable while applying for a job and this is something worth noticing. Visit the website by clicking here.

Google Sheets

When you have to take records of various people and don’t wish to write it at the same time, you can always choose Google Sheets. By online collaborating feature you can send it to various people who want to edit, view and modify the entries and at the same time allow people to fill up their entries. Visit the website by clicking here.


Edx has allowed various universities from foreign countries to put their syllabus on its platforms. By nominal fee and also wit the help of scholarships, one can get a certification of completion from renowned universities. The accreditations from Edx turns out to be way more useful than most of the other ones. Visit the website by clicking here.



Coursera has also the options from various universities and one can also enroll in a distance education degree program. This particularly has allowed people to get high waiver off because of its scholarship policy and by far many people own degrees from foreign universities. Visit the website by clicking here.


If you are ever confused about thinking where to spend your earning- especially in gadgets, then you must put yourselves in reading UnplugtheTV. It undoubtedly offers you the best and genuine reviews that include a lot of tests. Go give it a try before buying something. Visit the website by clicking here.


Learn about entrepreneurship and empowerment by actually reading true stories of people who have achieved success. Here at Yourstory, you’ll receive motivational quotes to start your day correctly. It is also a platform to share freely flowing thoughts of various peers with one another. Visit the website by clicking here.

Just like its name, WebMD provides you with information and knowledge about health all under its one roof. It tells you how to maintain your health, manage it and what are the symptoms for a particular disease. Not just you, pretty sure it covers up about the health of your family and pets too! Visit the website by clicking here.


Instructable allows you to come and share your project ideas among the people. You can get expert reviews, inspiration from others and at the same time, guidance for your own project. At instructable, one can also get to know about the step by step working of their project through videos and can collaborate them for the understanding purpose. Visit the website by clicking here.


A place for knowledgeable articles and along with that, it comes with a bumper like- quizzes, trivia and another unique concept of smart shopping. It also consists of an interesting list of facts and videos to keep you updated with general knowledge. Don’t miss out on this one for sure! Visit the website by clicking here.

TED Talks

When in doubt of yourself or you need to work on yourself, always go and listen to one episode of TED Talks. TED has always been a platform that helps you to understand about technology, education, and design- and has been worthy of its acronym. Visit the website by clicking here.

A web application to save your hard-earned finances in the easiest way possible. Here at Mint, you can check about your credit scores, manage your finances, create easy budgets and also get tips and suggestions on how to manage your money. This ultimately helps to save a dime during a month-end! Visit the website by clicking here.

Frapp has plenty of internship options to choose from. Frapp also gives a lot of odd time jobs for students who want to earn or want to learn as a part of the experience. If on Frapp, one can find a lot of NGOs willing to lend internship opportunities for students in the majority. Visit the website by clicking here.


An ultimate platform to learn ways to earn money, save money and to manage your money. Ask anything to save the students and apparently it can give you hundreds of options for it. Nevertheless, it is also fun to read about many ways that one might have never thought about.  Visit the website by clicking here.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy has almost every technical subject under its roof. You can be the child, the teacher or the parent willing to open an account for your toddler. This helps a person in channelizing what one should focus on and on whatnot. In a way, this innovative idea has helped to gather a lot of attention at Khan Academy. Visit the website by clicking here.

A one-place to go website when you need to know all the hacks to keep your health, knowledge, productivity, savings, and relationships alive. At, you can find videos and articles for the same and hack your life for better. Visit the website by clicking here.


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