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Things You Need To Know About Web Hosting

Are you into an online business? Or do you blog? If yes, then you must be aware of hosting and how it works but if you are not, don’t worry in this article I Wii be explaining what is hosting and types of hosting.

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If you wish to build a website and you want others to visit and see it, you will need to publish it via the World Wide Web. You won’t be able to do without a web host. What is Web Hosting? A web hosting in simple language is a service which stores your website files, photos, and personal details etc in high-powered computers and allows people to surf through the pages of your website 24/7. Hosting is basically just a hard drive connected to the internet. When someone sends a request to host to display website the hosting send website files to visitors browser and this is how web hosting work.

Depending on what you want from a website, you need to take care when it comes to the many aspects of hosting a website. These include 1) Price, 2)Storage Space, 3) Bandwidth, 4) Emails, 5) Addon Domains, and more. Site backup is also one of the features that you need to take into consideration Then, there is extra stuff like; apps, uptime, up-to-date software, tech support, and accessibility of your site to different devices and location.

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Types of hosting:-

There are many types of hosting, but these are the few most commonly used types of hosting. The types can be discriminated on the basis of technology used, no. of users on each server, or type of storage.

Shared Web Hosting:

Web hosting

The name self-say that it shares the web hosting among no. of users. This is a cheap option, but not great when it comes to quality. There are a large number of individual users on one single server That means that up to 1,000 different account holders use one server for their websites. And, if they have several of them, that can make the total number of websites go up to nearly 3,000. This can cause some serious problems since each server has its own resources they each have their own limits. All of these hosting servers use RAM, hard drive space, and all these features need to be shared.

Virtual Private Server (VPS):



This is probably the best option for everyone except for the largest of companies. VPS works by using one server that multiple account holders share, so it is similar to shared hosting. That is the fact that each user gets an equal amount of server space for themselves. Basically, you have one big server that acts as many smaller ones put together. In VPS there are less no of shareholders and is virtually divided hence you don’t need to worry about some other website will affect your performance. This web hosting is recommended for small businesses, bloggers and etc.

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Dedicated Web Server:


A dedicated server is a fairly good option for those who can afford it. What this means is that you can rent an entire server for the site from a hosting company. This carries a lot of advantages since you won’t have to deal with other users and their added traffic. A server is completely yours, and nobody will take away speed or a part of storage from you. Here we can design our own way and you can get security to your website and other extra features but this web hosting is costly to deal. This web hosting can much beneficial for medium or large businesses who can bear the high cost.

Top Hosting Provider’s

  1. GoDaddy
  2. BlueHost
  3. HostGator
  4. TMD Hosting
  5. SiteGround
  6. InMotion Hosting Inc.
  7. A2 Hosting Inc.
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