These 3 Android Apps Can Bring Magic Into Your Photography | Top 3 Android Photo Editor

Photography is not just an art, its also an emotion. People like to express their thought and emotions through photography. In the era of Instagram, who won’t like taking cool pictures and showcase their skills? But as a normal person, it becomes challenging to click professional quality images. Therefore making it awesome become after photography task. So, What is the solution?

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Editing, right but if you are too lazy like me who don’t like turning laptop ON, opening editor switching files from the camera to laptop or phone to the laptop then edit it. What is the best solution? Well with good camera quality smartphones these days only true professional click pictures with DSLR and like me most people do it on the smartphone. Therefore to solve this problem and keep being lazy here are top 3 android apps which can bring magic into your photography.

Top 3 Android Photo Editor

These are the top 3 Android photo editor which can bring magic into your photography. All their apps are available on Google Play Store for free.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Top 3 Android Photo Editor

Adobe Photoshop is one of the best image editors on desktop. Similarly Adobe Photoshop Express is a miniature version of the same product with many of the same features. It includes features like; Perspective correction, noise removal, blur, border and text, filters and effects, collages, spot healing, quick fixes, resize and quality improvement/reduction. The app is completely free to download and use, although it might take a small amount in the form of in-app purchase for some premium features. The is one of the best android photo editors on Google Play Store.

PicsArt Photo Editor – Android Photo Editor



PicsArt Photo Editor can be said as a modern age photo editor with its sticker, effects and more. The App comes with two versions free and paid to allow you to access premium features for $10/Year. The app consists of free stickers, cliparts, sticker maker, drawing and camera, photo remix, free to edit tool, edit with friends and photo challenge. PicsArt Photo Editor is Editor’s choice android photo editor on Google Play Store. Don’t forget to give it a try.

Photo Editor Pro


Photo editor pro

Photo Editor Pro is a simple but very useful photo editor. In most cases, many photo editor can be more confusing and the new user or the simple android user might face difficulty to get work done. With this app, everything is easy and simple. The app comes with the following features; Basic tools, body slimming, fun stickers, collage maker, photo blend & light Fx, glitch effects, blur, and 60+ filters. Find editing apps difficult? try this one out.

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