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Tech C-Suite lacks diversity in leadership.

Top executives are adding new roles, calling for Chief Developer Experience Officers (CDXOs), to focus on developer experience (DX) improvements in their companies. While many companies have lower-level advocates for developers, the CDXO role represents a major shift in the role that developers can play in company strategy. At least 70% of developers feel they substantially or completely influence purchasing decisions, and 87% of companies consult with developers during procurement, making CDXOs an essential link between the C-suite and developers. CDXOs are also useful for keeping a company honest about whether it’s actually succeeding in its DX goals. The CDXO role is perfect for coordinating the entire company spanning different departments and linking developers to company strategy. Alessandro Cauduro, Chief Development Officer at Azion Technologies, highlights that the role adds greater value to companies than paying lip service to the importance of developer experience.

Vaibhav Kulkarni
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