Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth season 2: poised to be the new Last of Us? #dystopianworld #younghero

Sweet Tooth is a series on Netflix based on Jeff Lemire’s comic of the same name. The story takes place in a world that is crippled by a pandemic and is populated with hybrids made up of both humans and animals. These hybrids emerged and rapidly grew in number when most of humanity perished. However, the few remaining humans are still a significant threat to the hybrids, as seen in Sweet Tooth’s new season 2 trailer.

The titular character of the show is Gus, also known as “Sweet Tooth”, a 10-year-old boy with antlers. Gus is not a fighter, and the only reason he leaves his home is to find his mother, who he’s never met. But he is captured by the Last Men and their leader, General Abbot, who believe that Gus’ unique biology may hold the key to finding a cure for a virus named “the sick” that has ravaged humanity. This causes Gus to use his antlers and fight back, with his protector, Tommy Jepperd, closing in on his location while making a few new allies of his own.

Christian Convery and Nonso Anozie headline the series as Gus and Tommy Jepperd respectively, but the show also features several other actors, including Adeel Akhtar, Stefania LaVie Owen, and Dania Ramirez. The second season will have new additions to the cast, namely Christopher Cooper Jr. as Teddy Turtle and Yonas Kibreab as Finn Fox. James Brolin will be the show’s narrator.

The second season of Sweet Tooth will premiere on Netflix on April 27.

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