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Solo GPs’ fate has turned positively in a short period.

The shift in institutional investor risk appetite is impacting solo GP investors who find it difficult to back just one startup. Despite the fund of fund mentality that has been commonplace since last year, with investors cutting checks to de-risk and even lead first checks into new startups, now it feels like a harder sell. Some investors are extending fundraising timelines, cutting investment vehicle targets or planning to leave venture altogether. This increasing tension in the venture world is explored in a TC+ column by Senior Reporter Natasha Mascarenhas titled “Are solo GPs screwed?” In other news, the best article of the week for the Senior Reporter is an analysis by Devin Coldeway of top generative AI tools, where the compounding effect is almost impossible to encapsulate. In addition, at an in-person demo day for 500 Global, some interesting tidbits were shared, such as “We know how to get shit done,” and “When you think of a brand, you probably think of something like Nike. But to Gen Z, some of the biggest brands are people.” Senior Reporter Natasha Mascarenhas also published a podcast interview with Kapor Capital’s Freada Kapor Klein and Mitch Kapor, the entrepreneurial investing couple behind the top-tier impact investing outfit, who talk about their decision to step away from investing, and the legacy they’re continuing to build out.

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