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Sifflet collects funds for scaling its data observability platform.

Data observability services and software are becoming increasingly necessary as a survey from Great Expectations reveals that 77% of companies have data quality issues and 91% believe that it’s impacting their performance. This has led to the rise of vendors that provide data observability services and software such as Monte Carlo, Cribl and Coralogix, which raised more than $400 million in one week last year. The latest entrant, Sifflet, has secured €12 million ($12.7 million) in a Series A funding round led by EQT Ventures with participation from existing investors. The start-up, founded in June 2021, provides a data observability platform that collects information across different layers of a company’s data stack and provides a 360-degree oversight of data assets. The platform monitors data, metadata and data pipelines for evidence that something might be amiss and maintains a lineage to make it easier for data engineers to conduct root cause analyses. It uses AI in its monitoring engines, data classification, and context enrichment. Sifflet’s investors were convinced that the company could compete in the data observability market but Bakouk didn’t disclose the company’s customer base. The company aims to ramp up its go-to-market efforts in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the US, and invest in product and engineering, with 28 employees and the intention to more than double that number by the end of the year.

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