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The Trolley Problem is a classic thought experiment where a person must decide whether to pull a lever to divert a trolley, sacrificing one person to save five others. However, this scenario becomes even more complicated when the people are assigned ethical scores, forcing the decision-maker to weigh the value of individual lives against the overall impact on society.

In a heated conversation, philosopher Hannah Arendt and Jean Baudrillard argue about the relevance of overnight oats to the human experience. Arendt believes that small moments, like enjoying breakfast, can bring joy and meaning to our lives. Baudrillard, on the other hand, sees overnight oats as a symbol of hyperreality and the commodification of our existence, distracting us from genuine engagement and critical thinking.

While Arendt and Baudrillard may disagree on the significance of oatmeal, their conversation highlights the importance of critically examining our cultural norms and the impact they have on our lives. The Trolley Problem also reminds us that ethical decision making is complex, and we must weigh the consequences of our actions carefully.

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