Samsungs Moon Shots Force Us to Ask How Much AI Is Too Much Gear GettyImages 490137064

Samsung’s Ambitious Lunar Projects Raise Concerns about the Limitations of AI.

Samsung’s moon photos, often showcased to promote its phone camera features, have come under scrutiny with accusations that the images are synthetically enhanced. The processing algorithms used to achieve the images are typically only used by Samsung and Huawei, and involve applying mid-tone contrast adjustments and introducing the appearance of texture and detail not present in the original photo. This is believed to be a response to the limitations of the phones’ 100x zoom images, which involve cropping massively into a small 10-MP sensor. While Samsung has defended the techniques as using “machine learning”, the debate over their use raises questions about the ethics of phone manufacturers’ claims about the quality and authenticity of their photographic capabilities.

Vaibhav Kulkarni
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