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Rode’s Wireless ME fits another mic into its receiver for dual recording, all in one device.

The Rode Wireless ME is a new, more affordable option for wireless microphones with a built-in microphone in the receiver for recording two speakers at the same time, each with their own separate audio file. However, the second microphone is limited as it must be used off-camera and plugged into the recording device. The receiver lacks a display for visual feedback, but comes with the GainAssist feature which sets levels automatically, while range is limited to 100 meters, and battery life is seven hours. The device can be adjusted using the Rode Central app, and may be paired with the Wireless GO II to record up to three people at the same time. The Capture app, which offers direct access to the settings of compatible Rode microphones, is free and available for use. The Wireless ME is available for $149.

Vaibhav Kulkarni
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