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Proper corporate structure is essential for managing risk and enhancing user experience.

The need to balance fraud prevention with great customer experience has become more important than ever. While it’s important to service customers quickly and efficiently, there needs to be an appropriate level of friction to ensure that only the right customers are given access to sensitive information. However, too much friction can lead to customers taking their business elsewhere. Finding the right balance is difficult and different groups will see the problem differently. A holistic approach is needed by creating a comprehensive digital identity for each user and combining IP address and geolocation attributes with device reputation, consortium data, and behavioral analytics. This enables organizations to examine all the risk signals they are receiving from every contact point and connect them to an account and a user while allowing for speedier access for legitimate customers. Achieving this goal requires an enterprise-level focus on identity and fraud, consistent policies, and a high-level leader overseeing aspects of fraud and security across the entire enterprise. Breaking down internal silos is critical to staying competitive in today’s digital landscape.

Vaibhav Kulkarni
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