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Positive Grid introduces Spark Go, a compact and improved guitar amplifier for guitar players on-the-go.

Positive Grid has unveiled its new Spark Go ultra-portable guitar amplifier, designed for musicians seeking a versatile and powerful practice amp. The 3.5-inch-tall Spark Go works with a companion app loaded with virtual amps, pedals, and other effects. It can also enhance the sound with AI-powered drums and other backing instruments. The app includes 50,000 tones, 33 amps, and 43 effects and pedals, offering plenty of novel ways to shape sound. The app can also generate an appropriate backing track by listening to and learning from playing. The Spark Go has a rugged construction and “extra hardshell grille.” It uses computational audio that delivers “surprisingly big, full sound” from its tiny package. The amp’s battery allegedly lasts up to eight hours and recharges with USB-C. Positive Grid is offering early signups to be notified when Spark Go pre-orders go live, which will be priced at $109. The company suggests laying it flat for omnidirectional sound or standing it on its edge for “in-your-face sound.”

Vaibhav Kulkarni
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