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PayPal adds passkey logins for Android web in US.

PayPal is extending access to its passkey logins for Android users in the US who access the website on the Chrome browser. This move follows the payment processor’s introduction of passkey logins for Apple’s computers and tablets last year. However, the service is limited currently, as the login option is not available for the PayPal Android app, and users must use Chrome on a device running Android 9 to activate it. The technology used by PayPal’s passkeys creates a cryptographic key pair, allowing users to access websites and services supporting it without having to type in usernames and passwords. The public key confirms a person’s identity while matching to the private key that is kept in the user’s device. This feature provides stronger security and resistance to phishing, and it ensures a user’s login information is not revealed in case of a data breach.

Vaibhav Kulkarni
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