one plus 6

One Plus 6 : Specification, Design & Look Revealed.

“One plus 6” has been in the news for the past few of days there have been secrets these are full of Easter eggs but this is all you need to know about “One Plus 6” its full design specifications.

In One Plus 6, at first of that they change is on the front and it’s a 6.2 inch with AMOLED panel 2280×1080 px with a notch that is smaller than iPhone X notch, of course, it doesn’t have 3D facial scanner and we think that they have pretty much implemented the notch so that users get to use more screen area and another reason could be “Apple” did it.

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install itunes

How To Install iTunes & iClouds On Windows 7, 8, 10 in 2018 For Free (English)

Do you love Apple? Not the fruit but the technology gaint, If yes then you must be aware of what is iTunes and iCloud but for those who don’t know what is itunes and iCloud I will just give a brief about both of them. So basically iTunes is  a media player, media library, Internet radio broadcaster, and mobile device management application developed by Apple Inc, similarly iCloud is a cloud storage and cloud computing service from Apple Inc.

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Leaked on intenret

How To Check If Your Information Is Leaked On Internet? Must Read

Data privacy is one of the largest issue in today’s world. Internet is growing so fast that its hard to control its security and privacy. Recently there was huge data leaked by one of the Internet Gaint “Facebook”. The user data is shared with some firms for commercial and political use. Now how to check if your information is leaked on internet.

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H0w To Check If Your Information Is Leaked On Internet

  1. Open your web browser and go to “Google” or any search engine and enter “Ihavebeenpwned” and open first link.
  2. Once the website loaded completely “Enter your email id” for which you want to do privacy check and click “Pwned?” and allow few minutes to check.
  3. Once the page is loaded compeletly you will see result if its says “oh no-pwned” then your information is leaked, scroll down to know where it is leaked.
  4. And if you see “Good news no pwned” don’t worry you data is safe till now.

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How To Activate Notification Feature

If you want to get notified whenever your data is leaked and prevent any misuse then follow steps below.

  1. At bottom of your result you will see “Notify me when i get pwned” just click that link and “Enter your Email” and click “Notify me pwned”
  2. You will recive verification email on same email you enter to subscribe, click on the link to verify.
  3. That’s it you data is secured.

If you like the information provied in this article do share this with your friend and help them to secure their privacy. (Leaked On Internet)



wordpress on

How to install WordPress on Complete Tutorial in English (Free Hosting)

.Hosting is one of the most important aspect of a website, like wise WordPress is one of the most used CMS in the field of web development. You might be new to blogging and want to start your journey with some free stuff like a free hosting. Well its very easy to setup WordPress on just read the complete tutorial.

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How To Install WordPress On

  1. Visit and click on sign up and choose Free Hosting plan and click on Order Now.
  2. Now, you will see three option like register new domain, transfer domain, and use existing domain and update my nameserver in order to install WordPress on
  3. Select your option accordingly, In order to continue I will use my existing by just entering domain name and clicking use.
  4. In this step you can see your Order Summary just check if price is $0.00 if its zero click on continue and then on next page click on checkout.
  5. Now here in this step enter your complete details and select payment mode as Paypal and agree terms and conditions then hit complete order.
  6. Once you clicked on complete order you will see Order confirmation page, now click on continue to Clinet Area. Now you might be seeing services as 0 (zero) check your open email  (given while creating account) you will recive an confirmation email just click on link and you will be redirected to freehosting login page simply log in again and now you can see services will be 0 but when you click it the status is pending.
  7. Now to change status to active it will take some time but don’t worry it will take time of 3-7 hours to activate if still not activated Open a ticket from above header menu.
  8. Once it is activated click on services then select the domain name which you want to use.
  9. Now from right side tab click on Login to Cpanel. In Cpanel scroll down till you see WordPress once you see WordPress click on it.
  10. In order to install WordPress click on install an fill all the details. Just make sure if you have SSL then use https and if you don’t have SSL simply use http.
  11. Simillarly keep the directory section complete empty so your website will be visible on your domain directly, like
  12. Now enter website/blog name and description also email,username and password and click on install to install WordPress on
  13. Wait for few minutes and let WordPress install. Once it installed just click on second link and you will be redirected to WordPress Dashboard.

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So this is how you can Install WordPress on in very few steps. Comment down below or request us from request us page for more tutorial on

free hosting

4 Websites to get unlimited free web hosting for lifetime

free hosting

Have you ever thought of getting unlimited free web hosting for lifetime? Yes, it’s possible and here are few top free hosting providers who provide unlimited free web hosting for lifetime. The best thing about all these hosting providers is they provide unlimited hosting for lifetime without any charge.

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Viewen: Free Web Hosting is complete unlimited free web hosting solution as it also provide support over in console using tickets. Following are the features offered by Viewen;

  1. Cloud hosting with Cpanel
  2. Free SSL
  3. Unlimited websites
  4. Unlimited disk space
  5. No Ads
  6. Cpanel
  7. PHP & MySQL database
  8. Free support
  9. Softaculous

The reason of keeping Viewen at first position is its service, and its Cpanel which provides access to every single setting such as SSL and etc.

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Infinity Free: Free And Unlimited Web Hosting

Infinity web hosting is one of my personal choices and I also used this unlimited free web hosting for 2-3 months for The Mind Feed website and I never had issues with this hosting. Following are the features provided by Infinity Free web hosting;

  1. Unlimited disk space
  2. Unlimited bandwidth
  3. Free SSL
  4. Cloudflare CDN
  5. 10 Email accounts
  6. Apache 2.4 with .htaccess
  7. MySQL 5.6
  8. 400 MySQL Databases
  9. Free Sub Domain Name

QualiSpace: Your Online Ally

The QualiSpace web hosting is free web hosting or we can call it as a trail service as it provied very limited feature and for a limited duration, the only benefit of this hosting is it provides premium customer support at no price. Following are the features provided by QualiSpace;

  1. 1 Website
  2. 500MB Storage
  3. 5GB Bandwidth
  4. 1 DataBase
  5. 5 Subdomains
  6. 2 Email Accounts

000Webhost: Free Web Hosting

The 000webhost is one of the most popular unlimited free web hosting provided with PHP, MySQL, cPanel and no ads. This hosting does not provide any support hence at no. 4. Following are the features provided by 000Webhost;

  1. 10 GB bandwidth
  2. 1 GB disk space
  3. No cost domain hosting
  4. Free Cpanel
  5. Complimentory free website Builder
  6. Auto Installer
  7. Full PHP & MySQL database support
  8. Instant account activation

Video Tutorial

Delete Temprory Files

How to delete temporary Files from your Laptop/PC

Delete Temprory Files

Having a faster PC/Laptop is everyone’s dream, where as it won’t really happen. The most common reason is due to overload of programs on PC. More the programs, more the temporary files. Here in this article we are going to learn how to delete temporary files.

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How To Delete Temporary Files

  • Turn on your PC/Laptop and right click on windows logo.
  • Now, select “Run” option from menu.
  • In Open tab enter “%temp” and click “Ok”
  • A file manager window will open here press”ctrl+A” and select all files, Now press “Shift+Delete” to delete temporary files permanently and if any files won’t delete just skip those files.
  • Now the remaning files can be removed later as it might be open in some programs.
  • Simply restart your PC/Laptop and remove all the remaining files, that’s it.
  • You have successfully learned how to delete temporary files.

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idea 347

Idea 347 Plan: Idea Prepaid Recharge Details

idea 347

Before we know about Idea prepaid recharge, lets know about Idea. Telecommunication is the industry booming nowadays, as one of the largest brand Reliance entered in telecommunication industry with name “Realience JIO” this brand soon created such a big market that other service provider like Idea, Airtel and etc are in big trouble what to do? Idea prepaid recharge. Where as Idea is one of the most popular service provider in India, Recently after JIO revolution, Idea has launched it’s booster plan Idea 347, Now this plan includes  28 GB 3G/4G data, Unlimited calling, Free SMS for 28 days. This plan is bit of relief for customers of Idea who holded ground in strom of JIO. Here are some detailed specification about Idea 347 plan. Idea Prepaid Recharge

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What Idea 347 Plan Offer? (Idea Prepaid Recharge)

  1. 1 GB 3G/4G data daily for 28 days.
  2. Unlimited calling for 28 days.
  3. Unlimited SMS for 28 days.

How To Activate Idea 347 Plan

  1. No need of any special activation process just recharge with 347 Rs from My Idea app or any recharge provider.
  2. Or Visit and click on “Recharge” Enter mobile no., Recharge amount as 347 and proceed to payment.
  3. Complete payment and congratulation your Idea 347 Plan has been activated successfully. Idea prepaid recharge.


  1. The 4G smartphone is required to use this plan.

We hope that you understand all details about this plan also if you have any question do comment down below. To know more such stuff Subscribe to our page by filling Email and Name below.

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