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Nvidia’s diverse technology flourishes at GTC 2023 amidst ChatGPT’s shadow. #technews #Nvidia #GTC2023

At Nvidia GTC 2023, the CEO, Jensen Huang, continued to promote the company’s “accelerated computing” endeavours alongside announcements about ChatGPT. Nvidia has long focused on accelerating computing, creating software that would ease the evolution of its products into the future. As a result, despite the industry’s pursuit of AI and deep learning, Nvidia chips have a significant lead in AI in the data center. Among its notable GTC announcements, Nvidia open-sourced its Modulus framework, which could advance efforts to combine physical modelling and numerical simulation, and a new software library called cuLitho, which runs on GPUs and increases speeds of computational lithography to 40 times greater than today’s alternatives. Nvidia also announced a quantum-classical computing platform that will match an OPX+ quantum control system with a Nvidia Grace Hopper system to create a system that can scale from a few-qubit rig to a quantum-accelerated supercomputer. While quantum computing is “solidly a decade and two decades away to have … broadly useful quantum systems,” Huang and his company are positioned to embrace quantum computing as a component of their accelerated computing initiatives.

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