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Nvidia joins forces with Quantum Machines to integrate classical and quantum machines for enhanced computing.

Nvidia and Israeli startup Quantum Machines have collaborated to launch Nvidia DGX Quantum, which combines Nvidia’s Grace Hopper Superchip with Quantum Machines’ controller. This combination is aimed at integrating quantum and classical compute resources to control quantum processors for effective operation. Quantum computers require classical resources and tight integration of both systems to run calibration and error correction algorithms to keep quantum machines operating. This collaboration aims to power supercomputers with quantum computing, in which quantum is another co-processor, similar to how GPUs are used to accelerate machine learning tasks. With each cubit having a dozen parameters that need to be independently optimized, the leaders in the community are turning towards AI methods, which shine on an NVIDIA platform. To deliver on the promise of quantum, there is a huge GPU compute requirement to stand up a computer that should get tightly coupled with quantum, so they need to work with the leader in the field in terms of interfacing with quantum and controlling quantum, which is Quantum Machine.

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