Pixel Playground Misfits Karl Jacobs Kreekcraft

Misfits Gaming debuts Pixel Playground, a Roblox studio led by creators.

Misfits Gaming Group, Karl Jacobs and Kreekcraft have come together to establish a creator-owned Roblox media and game development studio called Pixel Playground. Karl Jacobs, who recently joined Misfits as an owner and creative director, will be one of the leading creative forces at the new studio, along with Kreekcraft, one of the most popular Roblox content creators. Misfits will provide operational support and promotional opportunities for Pixel Playground, including the development team led by Chris Casanova. Casanova previously led the development of TubNet, a cross-platform Minecraft server. Misfits founder and CEO Ben Spoont promised crossovers between Pixel Playground and other Misfits creators.

Pixel Playground’s establishment indicates a shift in Misfit’s focus from esports to creators. In 2020, the team sold its franchise spot for the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) and announced a $20 million fund to invest in creator-driven projects.

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