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Microsoft has ended its $1 Xbox Game Pass trial offer.

Microsoft has ended its $1 trial offer for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass after several years. The service has been a great way to introduce the platform to new users. Kari Perez, head of global communications at Xbox, has confirmed that Microsoft will consider implementing new marketing promotions instead of the trial. Microsoft is currently working on its Friends & Family plan, which allows Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers to share the benefits with up to four others for €21.99 per month. The new subscription has been trialed for less than a year and has expanded recently to countries such as New Zealand, South Africa, Hungary, Israel, and Sweden. It is not yet available in several European markets, the UK or the US. Perplexingly, the Friends & Family plan remains available despite the end of the $1 trial, leading to speculation that Microsoft will expand the Friends & Family offer even further.

Vaibhav Kulkarni
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