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Meta Verified India FB-IG Blue Tick Pricing, Benefits Reportedly Revealed! Get verified with added perks! #MetaVerifiedIndia #FBIGBlueTick #SocialMediaVerified

Meta Verified is a subscription-based service that verifies users’ social media accounts with a legitimate government ID for additional protection against impersonation accounts. It launched earlier this year in Australia and New Zealand, followed by the US. The pricing for Indian users has been disclosed with subscriptions starting at Rs. 1,450 per month on mobile and Rs. 1,099 for web access. The platform has opened up a waitlist for Indian users as it is still in its beta testing phase. The subscription is only applicable to personal profiles of adult individuals and not available for businesses or individuals under 18. Meanwhile, Twitter Blue, which arguably influenced Meta’s Verified plan, is available in India at Rs. 900 per month on both iOS and Android Twitter and Rs. 650 per month for web access.

In other news, Indian auto components maker, Lifelong Group, has acquired after-sales service startup GoMechanic. The acquisition will allow Lifelong to expand its market presence and offer a one-stop-shop for car refurbishment services. The terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

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