How To Install WordPress on Complete Tutorial in English (Free Hosting)

.Hosting is one of the most important aspects of a website likewise WordPress is one of the most used CMS in the field of web development. You might be new to blogging and want to start your journey with some free stuff like free hosting. Well, it’s very easy to setup WordPress on just read the complete tutorial.

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How To Install WordPress On

  1. Visit and click on sign up and choose Free Hosting plan and click on Order Now.
  2. Now, you will see three option like register new domain, transfer a domain, and use an existing domain and update my nameserver in order to install WordPress on
  3. Select your option accordingly, In order to continue, I will use my existing by just entering the domain name and clicking use.
  4. In this step, you can see your Order Summary just check if the price is $0.00 if its zero-click on continuing and then on next page click on checkout.
  5. Now here in this step enter your complete details and select payment mode as Paypal and agree on terms and conditions then hit complete order.
  6. Once you clicked on complete order you will see the order confirmation page, now click on continue to Client Area. Now you might be seeing services as 0 (zero) check your open email  (given while creating an account) you will receive a confirmation email just click on the link and you will be redirected to freehosting login page simply log in again and now you can see services will be 0 but when you click it the status is pending.
  7. Now to change the status to active it will take some time but don’t worry it will take the time of 3-7 hours to activate if still not activated Open a ticket from the above header menu.
  8. Once it is activated click on services then select the domain name which you want to use.
  9. Now from right side tab click on Login to Cpanel. In Cpanel scroll down till you see WordPress once you see WordPress click on it.
  10. In order to install WordPress click on install a fill all the details. Just make sure if you have SSL then use https and if you don’t have SSL simply use http.
  11. Similarly keep the directory section complete empty so your website will be visible on your domain directly, like
  12. Now enter website/blog name and description also email, username and password and click on install to install WordPress on
  13. Wait for few minutes and let WordPress install. Once it installed just click on the second link and you will be redirected to WordPress Dashboard.

Watch Video Tutorial: Click Here

So this is how you can Install WordPress on in very few steps. Comment down below or request us from request us page for more tutorial on

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