How To Install JIO TV On Laptop/PC & Watch Live Tv For Free (Without Emulator)

Install JIO TV

Install JIO TV

Today we live in the world of globalization, were internet is one of the major sources of information and entertainment, therefore, people nowadays won’t enjoy waiting for favorite TV programs/daily soap. In this, all scenario JIO is one fascinating thing currently popular in India, although JIO has many advantages as well as some disadvantages such as; you cannot use JIO apps on laptop, but here is a way you can install JIO TV on laptop for completely free. This trick is a specially helpful for students or people who lives in room/hostels where TV is not allowed or available.

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Things Required To Install JIO TV On Laptop:

  • Working laptop: As we want to install JIO TV on laptop hence we required a working laptop which can be used to install JIO app on the laptop.
  • Internet Access: As JIO TV is online application we need to use internet download, install and watch JIO Tv on laptop.
  • JIO TV Apk: As the application JIO TV is made for android hence we required JIO TV APK in order to install.
  • Chrome browser: While installation process we will be using some chrome extension which is only for Google Chrome hence it is very essential.
  • Registered JIO Sim (Mobile No.): All the JIO prime apps features are free with a JIO Connection hence, we required a working JIO connection inorder to watch live tv on a laptop.

Watch Video Tutorial: Click Here

How To Install JIO TV On Laptop

  • The first and foremost thing you required is, Chrome browser, if you don’t have chrome, install it from link below.
  • Link: Install Chome
  • Now open Chrome browser and search for “ARC Welder Chrome Add on” if you are unable to find it then click directly on the link below. Link: ARC Welder
  • Now “click on Add to Chrome” and wait few minutes ( Be patient) it will download around 180 MB files and another small file. After some time you be redirected to apps page where you can see ARC Welder Icon.
  • Meanwhile, the download and install takes place you can download JIO TV Apk from link below. Link: JIO TV Apk
  • Now after you redirected to the page click on ARC Welder App logo. (JIO TV APK)
  • Select the storage place where you want to store all data of JIO TV, and “click Choose”
  • Now you can see new window with tittle”Test Your App” here, click on “Add Apk” and select Apk file and “click Open”
  • In next window you have to make settings same as shown in image below.

JIO TV on laptop

  • After setting everything just “click on Test”, now JIO TV app will open and load (Be patient  it will take bit more time first time)
  • Now on login page you have to “enter your JIO mobile no. and your password”, If you have not created account till now then on login page you will see option of Sign Up just enter mobile no. password and enter the OTP you recived. (Know more in Video Tutorial)

JIO TV on laptop

  • Once you login you can watch any channel for free. So this is the method using ARC Welder and other things.

We Will recommend you to watch video tutorial too for better understanding. Also if you have any issue do comment below and let us know. Share this post with your friend and family and share the knowledge. So friends I hope you have understand how to install JIO TV on your PC/Laptop.

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