How To Get Positive App Reviews On Google Play Store

App Reviews On Google Play Store
Written by Vaibhav Kulkarni

Google Play Store the most popular app store followed by Apple’s App Store. Android being a open source Google allow developers to upload applications, games, movies and eBooks. The apps are downloaded due to two reasons, first and most important it’s popularity and second app reviews.

App reviews are considered as game changer. For many apps and games high positive review can boost download significantly. Whereas, getting positive app reviews on Google Play Store is one of the important part for app developer. App/Game rating like 5-4 star is considered as excellent rating where medium or low rating like 4-2 and 2-1 star respectively.

Getting app reviews on Google Play Store is tough. Whereas, getting positive reviews become even more difficult as each user has different expectations from app/game. Let’s make this difficult task easy by understanding How to get positive app reviews on Google Play Store.

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5 Tips To Get Positive App Reviews On Google Play Store

1. Keep App/Game Updated & Bug Free

App development isn’t about just publishing app on Play Store, it about keeping it safe, healthy and clean. While publishing the app developer may not be knowing about issues or bugs that going to trouble them in future, therefore updating app with some troubleshooting measures is important. Providing users bug free experience increase the chances of getting positive app reviews on Google Play Store.

2. Limiting Ads Within App/Games

The biggest problem as a user faced during use of application or game is distracting Ads. Ads being one of the major source for monetizing for developer, may increase frequency of ads to generate more revenue. Whereas, some studies say that app with less ads and better user experience can increase user base ultimately resulting in higher revenue.

3. Replying To All App Reviews/Feedback’s

One of the major function of app reviews it not just to increase downloads but to convey feedback and opportunities to work on. Most of the developer consider reviews as one way communication, which can offend user on not getting enough support when in need. The best way to handle such situation is by replying to each review and attempt to solve it if possible. Therefore, replying to each review and feedback not only increase your downloads but eventully also increase quality of your app.

4. Encourage Users To Leave Positive Review Rewarding Users

You must have seen a popup asking to leave a review in exchange of coins, credits, premium membership or additional benefits. Users love when you reward them for something. Who isn’t like getting rewards for good work? The best thing about this tip, it also help building your brand in market. This tip is one of the most recommenced tip to get positive app reviews on Google Play Store.

5. Buying App Reviews

Want to boost your app/Game rating? Well getting reviews naturally can be really difficult and time consuming. Hence, getting quick and quality reviews can save and boost your app like none other. Why to buy reviews? It can give you quick boost and increase in app/game downloads hence can act as a game changer for you. Isn’t buying reviews bad? No, Buying a review isn’t a bad thing if you are actually asking users to download and use the app/game and then leave a review based on experience rather then just to leave a review.

How To Buy App Reviews – Appreviewspro

What is Appreviewspro?

App Reviews Pro is a service which offer reviews for apps and games through 1000+ registered user base. The App Reviews Pro is Premium quality flagship service that offer’s quality reviews at very affordable price and with guaranteed results. In other words, The service can be one of the best investment doe your marketing budget. Following are the feature why to choose Apps Review Pro:

  • Each Reviews Are Unique And Through Unique User
  • Control Over What Review Are Going To Be Posted By User (Review Verification)
  • Speedy Delivery of Reviews and Rating
  • Very Cost Effective And Affordable
  • Spam Free Reviews

Steps To Buy Reviews On Appreviewspro

  • Visit AppReviewPro – Buy App Reviews
  • Sign Up as Advertiser and complete profile
  • Click on Payment’s and Add Budget to your campaign
  • After that the Money is added, and then click on All Campaign and then click Create Campaign
  • Fill Basic details about App/Game Like; Platform, Name of Campaign and Budget.
  • Similarly, Click Next and Describe Your Application and Review your Campaign, If perfect continue and click finish.
  • Wait for users to apply for campaign and soon you will start flooding with ton’s of positive reviews.
  • You can now control reviews for your Android/IOS app/Game.

About the author

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I am Vaibhav Kulkarni, Blogger By Passion, Civil Engineer By Profession. I am Tech Enthusiast and Travel Lover. I started my journey 3 years back with some ideas and no coding experience. I was always fascinated with technology and its credibility. I firmly believe in "Creating jobs rather than asking for one".

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