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How To Get Free Web Hosting For Lifetime

Hosting has been always one of the most important aspects of the website, around 40% cost of web development is dependent on the cost of hosting. In this what if you receive golden chance to get unlimited web hosting at no cost for a lifetime? Isn’t it a good thing? So with this article, we are going to show you how to get free web hosting for a lifetime.

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How To Get Free Web Hosting For Lifetime

There are two methods and two different hostings provide, the sequence is arranged according to priority. The differentiation is based on web hosting speed, add-ons and support. Read the complete article to know how to get free web hosting for a lifetime.

  • Visit and click on register.
  • In this sign up form enter your Email, Password, check terms & Condition and reCaptcha, click sign up.
  • You will receive a confirmation email on email you entered while signing up, Open and just click on the confirm your email address.
  • Now, once you click on confirm you will be logged into your hosting account.
  • In Accounts section click on + New Account and under head use your own domain, enter the domain name you own already and want to connect with this account and click check.
  • In this step click on reCaptcha to verify and click on create an account.
  • Note: Before performing the above step you need to change your nameservers to,,, and
  • once you click on create account two option will be visible to you as shown below. Click on the Visit client area.

free web hosting


  • Now, click on Go to control panel wait few secs and you can access control panel and install CMS like WordPress, Drupal or etc. This is how to get free web hosting for a lifetime.

  • Visit and click on sign up.
  • Now, click Order Now on free hosting (Rome) and enter already owned domain and click use.
  • Once you see price as $0.00 click on checkout.
  • Enter the complete details and don’t forget to like their Facebook page and mention your profile URL.
  • Once everything is complete select payment mode as Paypal and accept terms and condition and click Complete Order.
  • Now, you will be taken to order confirmation page as shown below. Click on continue to the client area.

free lifetime web hosting


  • Once you click on client area open email and visit and login through the link mentioned in an email to confirm your registration as it is primary to activate your account.
  • Here you might see services as 0 (zero) but once you click on the services you will see the status as pending.
  • Open a ticket mentioning that you liked Viewen Facebook page and also shared it as per terms and condition (You can read terms and condition from the bottom of open ticket page) also ask regarding nameservers for your hosting. After you open a ticket they will ask you a few questions as shown below, reply and answer all of them, once they change service status to active you are good to go. You can access cPanel and install whatever you want.

unlimited web hosting


The main advantage of both the service provider is both are unlimited and do not mention service duration for Infinity Free hosting it’s for a lifetime and for Viewen you can get hosting until you keep sharing their Facebook page once a month. So this is how to get free web hosting for a lifetime. If you like this article share this with your friends and encourage them to start a new venture.

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