How to download Hotstar videos

How To Download Hotstar Videos?

How to download Hotstar videos?

Who doesn’t want high-quality video resources available at fingertips? But at the same time, we want the hassle-free as well as free resources to download. You might have always wondered, how to download Hotstar videos? Sometimes, it easy and straight-forward! Mostly, it needs to be free and hassle-free! Certain apps and web apps like Hotstar is indeed a delight to the user considering its quality downloading features and a wide range of shows and soaps available. Although, not everyone wants to pay for its premium subscriptions all the time. So here are a few easy and quick tips and tricks to make your Hotstar Download easy!

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Method 1: Let’s keep it simple and easy (Official Method).

Hotstar provides you with ample of features if you subscribe to it. It includes premium downloads and access to Hotstar based shows. Why cheat it by not wanting to pay? Simply go to Hotstar application. Click here.

Search in the tab bar for your desired video and click on the download option. The app will ask you to choose the video quality for downloading and then the download begins. This is an official method to download Hotstar videos.

How to download Hotstar videos

Method 2: Download Hotstar videos on laptops.

Download the following compressed file here. (Don’t worry, it’s safe!)

Step 1: After installation, extract the files into a drive of your laptop.

Step 2: Open the Windows Batch File so that you can see a command prompt being open. Copy the link of the video that you want.

Step 3: You can put the quality of the video as mentioned or you can put “720p” for example. The next option it’ll show is to watch it online or download. Type “d” to download and you can find the video in the folders where you’ve extracted the original file.

How to download Hotstar videos

Further, it’ll ask you to press any key to continue and your downloaded video is ready to be viewed. It’s a little difficult method as compared to others but works great and you can understand how to download Hotstar videos.

Method 3: Videooder is here!

Step 1: Get the “Videooder” .apk extension file here for your Android phone.

How to download Hotstar videos

Step 2: Open Hotstar from the browser instead of Application. Login in to your account (Free account).

How to download Hotstar videos

Step 3: Once it opens, select the video you want to download. Click on it and you can see a red button for download available. Click on it to select the video quality to download. This method is the best method to download Hotstar videos.

How to download Hotstar videos

Step 4: Wait till download get finished and once completed simply open the downloaded file and enjoy.


Many times, you need to desperately binge-watch something without going premium. These few methods (including the original one) range from someone with a high budget to someone who’s bankrupt. You don’t need a reason to binge-watch. It’s a modern birth-right of the 21st century! We hope you understand how to download Hotstar videos.

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