Delete Twitter account

How To Delete The Telegram Account?

How to delete the Telegram account?

Telegram accounts are easy to create but if you want to delete it, you can’t on your android phone! Although, telegram is one of the competing apps among instant messaging features in the market. However, in recent years when Telegram was put on a ban in Russia, raising a lot of security-based concerns and people are questioning the privacy assurance from Telegram. As a result, if you want to switch to another app, here are few tricks to delete the Telegram account

Delete Twitter account

Use the self-destruct method:

The self-destruct method is a feature of Telegram where an account gets deleted if there is a series of inactivities for a specific period. Follow the steps to enable it.

Select the ‘Setting’ option in your telegram account.

Delete Twitter account

Once in the ‘Settings’ section select the ‘Privacy and Security’ option.

Delete Twitter account

You can choose the ‘Self- Destruct’ and select the 1-month option.

Delete Twitter account

This implies the removal of your account if Telegram notices inactivity for consequently one month of the period. You can continue using Telegram until you feel to keep it inactive. By default, the setting is for 6 months. Thereafter, you can stop using it.

Delete using browser:

Open your browser (preferably chrome or firefox) and put this link of deletion.

It’ll ask your mobile number for the deactivation of your account. However, make sure that you’ll give the same number by which you have installed the Telegram app. An alert message will pop-up which will ask for confirmation. Once you click on the confirmation button, then you can get your Telegram account deactivated.

Uninstalling Telegram from Phone and desktop:

If you’ve installed the Telegram app on your cell phone and desktop as well, then you can uninstall it and save the data logs in the device if you want. Moreover, the account credentials get removal from their server base after noticing some inactivity.

Deleting from a phone:

A pop-up will ask you whether you want to delete the app permanently, choose yes and delete it.

Deleting from Desktop:

You can locate the file in the desktop drive and right-click to choose ‘Uninstall’. Also, click yes when the pop-up asks you to reconfirm it.

Why Telegram is an issue?

Telegram uses MTProto protocol which is an openly available protocol. It might have access entries by people with bad intentions as well. Moreover, Telegram doesn’t provide end-to-end encryption for normal conversations. It has a feature of ‘Secret Chat’ which does provide secured data, but using the MTProto that is not used by most of instant messaging apps. However, one can have an issue considering to register with Telegram because they ask us permission to be allowed during initial configurations. If it was not that harmful, then it would not have been banned in Russia as Telegram refuses to ‘spill-the-few-details’ to government organizations. They claim to keep our databases secure but there is no strong proof of it! More transparency, more trust, and reliability! Refer to the image below:

Delete Twitter account

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