How To Create Webview App & Earn Money Online

webview app

Do you own a website? and want to create a webview app for your website? If yes then you are on the correct place, but why? you have not created yet let us know in comment section below. The most probable reason might be fear to code or not getting reasonable source to create. Don’t worry and don’t be afraid here is best method to create your own webview app. Just follow some simple steps to create app. This technique works with only android platform.

This app has some special feature like adding AdMob Advertisement to you app from which, if your app has potential it can make lots of money for you. Even you can publish your webview app to google play store to reach more audience.

Create Own Webview App

webview app

  • Now select the platform you want to create app for select “Android”
  • Sign In with your Gmail account.
  • Now, Click on create new app (webview app)
  • Enter your webview app name and click create.
  • Now a app will be created, click on the app name you set.

webview app

  • In left side Elements are presents and in right side you will have two tabs “components & Properties”.

webview app

  • Now in left column search for “Web Viewer”. If you found it drag it to the screen of this mobile device.
  • In right side components column below screen 1 ,click on web viewer 1 or 2,3 what ever is yours.
  • Now in right hand side you will find a column with label properties, you will find “Home URL” enter website URL you want to make app of.
  • Now keep the setting same as shown in image below for properties for webview tab.

webview app

  • In right hand side click on “Screen 1” here now change app name properly.
  • Now in right hand side downwords in uploads, upload your app icon/logo.
  • After uploading, in right section properties You will see “Icon” option with None written, click and select image you just uploaded or just upload you logo from here.
  • Now Again keep all setting same as shown in image for screen 1.

webview app

  • To export your app or test your app download Thunkable app from play store.
  • In top menu in “Test” option click on Thunkable Live now open app in your phone and scan QR code.
  • You can see how app works in your phone.
  • To download app in apk form you can download it from “Download” option above in top menu.

Bonus For You

If you have AdMob account you can also add AdMob banner Ad to you app and actually earn real from it. To add this follow steps given below.

  • Just like you added web viewer to your app simillary go to down in experimental section and drag AdMob banner.

webview app

  • Just like website link click on AbMob in components column and in properties column add paste your AdMob unit id.
  • Now just export your application as describe above.

Now you can publish this app in Google Play Store and can earn money too. If you like this article don’t forget to share and let other know about this. We hope now you can create your own webview app.

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