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How To Check Laptop Configuration

Do you know How To Check Laptop Configuration? If you don’t know don’t worry, well this article is going to be on the same topic. Before we move to our topic lets know why knowing or checking laptop configuration is important.  PCs and laptops are an essential part of our life. Using a laptop or PC makes us more productive as well as smart. Today there are thousands of software available to make our tasks easy but while installing any new software do we really read its required configuration? Most probably your answer will be No.

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Each software is designed in specific conditions to handle specific task, and according to its complexity of work. Now you can say that it will still work on low-end laptops then why to know and see configuration? Well, an answer to this question is pretty simple. A human can live just by having one type of food, but what will happen is all the other essential things required by body will not be fulfilled and hence reduction in efficiency will be observed. Therefore knowing the configuration of your laptop or system is important to achieve maximum efficiency at work. Let’s move towards our article How To Check Laptop Configuration.

How To Check Laptop Configuration

Method – I (Using System Properties)

Note: This method will provide a brief view of the laptop configuration.

  • Click on Start Menu and click on the Settings icon. As shown below.


  • Now, choose the first option System and wait until the screen is loaded completely.



  • Scroll down and click About. As shown below.


  • That’s it, now you know How to check laptop configuration in Windows 10.

Method – II (Using System Information)

Note: This method will provide a detail view of the laptop configuration.

  • In Windows Task-bar, click on the Search tab and enter System Information.


  • Click appeared option. That’s it you can now take a look on System configuration. As shown below.

  • Click on Windows icon and select Run Or press Windows logo + R and in pop up (Run Tool) enter msinfo32 and press OK. As shown below.


  • Once System Information is opened click on System Summary to know about system configuration.

Congratulations, Now you learned How To Check Laptop Configuration in Windows 10. In most windows version Method – II will work without any issues.

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