How To Check If Your Information Is Leaked On Internet? Must Read

Leaked on intenret

Data privacy is one of the largest issue in today’s world. Internet is growing so fast that its hard to control its security and privacy. Recently there was huge data leaked by one of the Internet Gaint “Facebook”. The user data is shared with some firms for commercial and political use. Now how to check if your information is leaked on internet.

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H0w To Check If Your Information Is Leaked On Internet

  1. Open your web browser and go to “Google” or any search engine and enter “Ihavebeenpwned” and open first link.
  2. Once the website loaded completely “Enter your email id” for which you want to do privacy check and click “Pwned?” and allow few minutes to check.
  3. Once the page is loaded compeletly you will see result if its says “oh no-pwned” then your information is leaked, scroll down to know where it is leaked.
  4. And if you see “Good news no pwned” don’t worry you data is safe till now.

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How To Activate Notification Feature

If you want to get notified whenever your data is leaked and prevent any misuse then follow steps below.

  1. At bottom of your result you will see “Notify me when i get pwned” just click that link and “Enter your Email” and click “Notify me pwned”
  2. You will recive verification email on same email you enter to subscribe, click on the link to verify.
  3. That’s it you data is secured.

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