change domain nameservers

How To Change Domain Nameservers

Domain and hosting are one of the basic need of the website. Whereas connecting domain name to hosting required to change domain nameservers. This method provides benefits like achieving complete control over domain name from cPanel. So here in this article, you will learn how to change domain name servers.

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How To Change Domain Nameservers

  • Log in to your web hosting account and domain host account.
  • Once you logged in go to my products or my domains section. (It may vary from domain registration to registrar)

how to change domain nameservers


  • Go to DNS section of your domain name and search for nameservers. Click on change and select custom.

change namerservers


  • Now, you will see nameservers like, and etc on your hosting provider. Copy that nameserver and paste it in your domain hosting DNS setting section.

change domain nameservers with godaddys


  • After you paste just click Update/Save/Continue or whatever is mentioned according to the service provider.

godaddy change nameservers

  • Once you click update it will take a minimum half hour to get activated. Hence be patient and wait a few minutes to change domain nameservers.

We hope you have understood the complete procedure of changing domain nameservers. If you find this article helpful share this with your friends. If you find any difficulty regarding this tutorial comment down below.

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