How To Add Best Android P Features To Your Smartphone

Android P Features

Android is one of the biggest operating system for smartphones. Whereas this operating system has grown from “Cupcake” to “Pistachio Ice Cream”. As lots of smart phone manufacturers have custom OS hence it take time to reach new version to users. Hence here are few apps (Pre-installed In Android P) which can add your smart phone Android P features.

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How To Allow APKs From Unknown Source

  • Open “Settings” and head towards “Security” and tap to open it.
  • Now, search for “Unknown Source” toggle the switch to allow APKs from unknown source.

Apps To Install To Add Best Android P Features

Download and install the apps from links below each app in order to add best Android P features to your smart phone. Make sure to download correct APK file.

  • Once the APK file is downloaded simply scroll down status bar and tap on downloaded APK file and click “Install“.
  • Similarly install all the application listed below.

Android P Launcher

android p features

Look is the most important aspect in any system update hence to change it and enjoy purest Android P you need to download and installed the APK from the link given below. In this case, we are using Android P Pixel Launcher to achive desired look. Once the app is installed make sure to select it as default launcher. To do this simply press home and tick make it as default and select Android P Pixel Launcher.


Smart Reply

android P

Typing message to reply isn’t it boring and time-consuming? Therefore Android P has some good features for lazy people, now you will get suggetions for replying message directly from your notification slider. Simply tap on option you find appropriate and your reply will be sent to the user from whom you recived message. To install this Android P feature simply download and tap to open file and click on install. This is how it looks.


Android P Volume Slider

android p

Do you have short fingers or always in trouble to reach volume slider? If yes Android P has a solution for you. By installing this app you will simply achieve volume slider but not at top or at bottom, but at side. This will save some efforts and unnecessary touches, lots of people from the smart phone community mentioned this change as a breakthrough. Take a look at one of the Android P Features.


Screenshot Markup

android p

Taking screenshots is most common thing nowadays. Lots of people use it to repost or to save some specific details. Lots of time it is hard to get exactly desired screenshot due to ads, or some undesirable content. Here in Android P features now you can take the screenshot of whatever you like without any disturbance.


Do you know any other Android P Features which we can include in this article? Comment down below and let me know. If you like this article consider it to share with your friends and let them enjoy some new Android P features too.

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