How To Activate Windows 8.1 Pro, 7, 10, or Any Version In 2018 (100% Working Trick)

activate Windows

Have you tired of seeing windows activation require notice over your laptop/PC? have you ever tried of searching a way to rid of this windows activation notice? So today I am gonna show you how to activate windows 8.1 Pro or any other version of windows operating system.

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How To Activate Windows

Things Required:


  1. Download the Windows Toolkit app in order to activate windows.
  2. To install Windows Toolkit, right click on the zip file to extract it.
  3. Once the zip file is extracted open folder, double click on setup to begin with installation procedure.
  4. A small pop up will open just click “Yes” and wait few minutes.
  5. Now a new windows toolkit window will open here, at right bottom click on windows logo and wait few seconds.
  6. In new popup screeen you have to find and click “Product Key” tab.
  7. Now in product section select your windows version (such as; windows 8, windows 8.1 and etc.) then in edition select varrient (such as; Professional, Enterprice and etc) and click on install. Wait few sec and you will receive Success message.
  8. Now head towards “Activation” Tab  and click on activate, this procedure might take 3-4 minutes be patient.
  9. After you recive message  product installation successful, click on “Install”
  10.  Now go to your setting about PC and you can observe that your Windows copy is activated.
  11. Now the notice “Activate windows” might not gone so just refresh or restart your windows, and you will observe the notice is now not visible.

So friends if you find any difficulty also do watch video tutorial and comment down below so that other readers may get assured that this trick works or not. This trick works 100% in order to activate any Windows version.

Video Tutorial

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