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How To Get Free SSL For Lifetime (Comodo CA SSL)

Secure socket layer is most commonly known as SSL or SSL certificate. Today we live in such society where the chance of getting hacked is very high. Hence to protect the privacy of website users, the primary objective of any online organisation to secure their websites. The SSL encrypts the data and maintain privacy during data transfer from server. In one of the Google’s report it has been said that after 2020 no website without SSL will be crawl and indexed by search engines. Whereas buying SSL may cause around $50 to $100 a big amount for small business owners or bloggers. So in this article, we are going to teach you how to get free SSL for lifetime.

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Why Not Let’s Encrypt Free SSL?

Well Let’s Encrypt provide free SSL for lifetime but the biggest disadvantage of Let’s Encrypt is the renewal duration, yes you need to renew your SSL certificate after every 3 months and also the relability of it’s SSL is less as compared to other. In this method You are going to know how to get Comodo CA Shared SSL free for lifetime.

How To Get Free SSL For Lifetime

  • Visit and click on sign up.
  • Now, enter your email and password and click “Create Account”
  • Here click on “+Add Site” and enter your domain name then click “Add Site”
  • Click next,then select “Free($0.00/Month)” and click confirm the plan and “Purchase”
  • Now turn all the cloud icons on orange and click “Continue” as shown below.

ssl for lifetime

  • Copy the nameservers shown and change it from your DNS settings and click “Continue”.
  • Once you changed the nameserver wait for few minutes or hours depends upon your hosting provider and then click “Recheck Nameservers”
  • Once your nameserver are linked to your Cloudflare account scroll down in “Domain Summary” and click (Flexible/Full/Full-Strict) and make it “Full (Strict)”
  • Wait for few hours until your SSL certificate become active you can see (COMODO CA Limited) and that’s it, Congratulations your SSL is active and ready to use.

SSL for lifetimeSource: HinduGeek.Com

If you find any difficulty in activating SSL let me know in comment section below. Also if you find this article helpful share this with your blogger friends and let them too take advantage of free SSL for lifetime.

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